Apex Legends Was Leaked a Year Ago and Nobody Cared

Cassandra was telling the truth the whole time!

There’s so much information on the internet these days, and even more so when it comes to video game rumors. With so many « leaks » flying around and nephews whose uncles work at Nintendo, it’s hard to tell what’s real sometimes. Like a year ago, for example, when the actual map for Apex Legends was leaked on Reddit and nobody believed it was real.

11 months ago, user u/hiticonic posted a leaked version of the Apex Legends map on the r/Titanfall subreddit. There are some differences, presumably since it was still a work-in-progress at the time, but it’s clearly a version of the same map Apex Legends launched with. Unfortunately, nobody believed u/hiticonic when the leak went live.

Not the final map, but pretty close to it. | u/Fubbles21, Reddit

« ITS NOT REAL, » commented one user in response to the post. « Fake, » said another. Nearly a year later, this Reddit thread was uncovered by the r/ApexLegends subreddit. Funny how much a year changes things. One moment, a Titanfall battle royale leak is being derided by the internet, the next Apex Legends is being dubbed a potential « Fortnite-killer. »

As it turns out, the original poster from 11 months ago, u/hiticonic, is a mod on the r/ApexLegends subreddit. This has led to speculation that the leak was intentional and was a way for Respawn to gauge interest from fans. Given the cold reception at the time, it might have led to Respawn’s decision to launch Apex Legends without a prior announcement.

While we may never know the origins behind the Apex Legends leak from a year ago, it’s crazy to see how reception to a Titanfall battle royale game didn’t really change until launch. Even when Apex Legends leaked a weekend before the release, the idea of a Titanfall battle royale spinoff was met with derision. But history has vindicated u/hiticonic it seems.

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