Battlefield 5 is Out a Day Early on PC and Xbox One

Battlefield 5 is out now on EA Access for both Premier and Basic members one day ahead of schedule and a week before the official launch on November 15.

EA Access Premier is EA’s new subscription-based service where members can get EA games a week ahead of launch. Only Premier members get access to the full game whereas Basic members have access to a 10-hour trial. The EA Access launch date was originally scheduled for November 9, but players can now play a day early.

EA also runs a version of EA Access for the Xbox One and those players too have access to the 10-hour trial period for Battlefield 5 today.

It seems players are taking advantage of the news as Twitch is now populated with videos of players streaming the new Battlefield 5. Just remember that there’s no Battle Royale mode yet and that mode won’t be ready for another couple of months.

EA Access Premier costs $14.99 a month, or $99.99 a year, and will get you games like Madden, FIFA, and the upcoming Anthem early. The games are yours so long as your membership is active so consider this service similar to Xbox Game Pass.

We were recently in Sweden to try out Battlefield 5 and you can read our review-in-progress here. Also check out our interview with DICE to talk more details about Battlefield 5’s single-player mode. Also check out our Battlefield 5 guide for more info.

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