Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Operator Mods – How to Equip Operator Mods, What They do, and Operator Mod List

The second weekend of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta fun is upon us. You’ll want to study up in prep for it, especialliy seeing as there are several new features this time around. One thing that’s good to get your head around early is the CoD Black Ops 4 Operator Mods system. They add powerful stat boosts to your weapons, but are a little tricky to equip. In this CoD Black Ops 4 Beta Operator Mods Guide, we’ll list all of the Operator Mods in the game, and tell you how to use them.

For more on the CoD Black Ops 4 Beta, head over to our CoD Black Ops 4 Beta Guide. It’s got everything you need to know about the game, including how to get Black Ops 4 Beta codes, what maps and modes are included, and how long it will run for.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Operator Mods

Operator mods are powerful bonuses that you can add to your weapons in CoD Black Ops 4. In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know, and hopefully help you gain a serious advantage over other players in the beta.

What are Operator Mods

Operator mods can be viewed in the weapons section of the menu. You’ll see them under the Stats listed for certain weapons, though you should note that not every weapon in Black Ops 4 currently has an Operator Mod. Each weapon has its own Operator Mod, offering a unique bonus. Examples include changing the fire rate and mode of a weapon, adding incendiary damage to a shotgun, and even strapping bayonetta-style tactical knives to pistols. They’re well worth working towards, as they can give you the upper hand in plenty of situations.

How to Equip Operator Mods

The most confusing part of using Operator Mods is equipping them to your weapons. Luckily, we’ve worked out how to do so, and we’ve collected all the info you need in the following list:

  • Your weapon must be at max level in order to equip an Operator Mod
  • Once it’s at the correct level, head over to the “Wildcard” section of the weapons menu
  • Look for either “Primary Operator Mod” or “Secondary Operator Mod”, depending on which type of weapon you’re using.
  • Add the Wildcard to your weapon of choice
  • Now, select the weapon with an Operator Mod, and you can add it in the attachment section
  • It’ll take up two attachment slots, but it’s definitely worth it

CoD Black Ops 4 Operator Mods List

Given how hidden away the Operator Mods in Black Ops 4 are, we figured we’d list them all here. We’ve broken them into weapon type, and will be adding in descriptions as we unlock more of them.

Assault Rifle Operator Mods

  • VAPR – Bayonetta
  • Maddox RFB – Firing Unit

SMG Operator Mods

  • AKS – Longburst
  • Spitfire – Wildfire

Tactical Rifles

  • Auger DMR – Two Round Burst
  • AVR 223 – Burst Accelerator
  • Swordfish – Burst Count
  • Titan – Suppressive Barrell

Snipers Operator Mods

Pistol Operator Mods

  • Strife – Tactical Knife
  • Mozu – Skull Splitter

Shotgun Operator Mods

That’s all the info we have on Operator Mods in Black Ops 4. For more info on the game, head over to our CoD Black Ops 4 Specialists Guide. You can also check out all of the scorestreaks on offer, by heading over to our CoD Black Ops 4 Scorestreaks Guide.

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