Destiny 2 Outlines Season of the Drifter, the First Major Content Update Without Activision

Bungie is the captain of its own Destiny now, and the first season of content without Activision as a partner offers interesting insight into how Bungie might tackle Destiny 2 going forward. As it turns out, this newly acquired independence includes beefing up the content up for offer in the newest season of the Annual Pass.

The Season of the Drifter sounds like it’s improving Destiny 2’s content offerings in a big way. While there’s no new raid this season, Bungie is delivering several new modes, narrative quests, and leveling quests to help speed up progression for new or lapsed players.

As the name says, this season of content focuses on the Drifter, a mysterious figure introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The Drifter hosts the Gambit PvPvE mode, which is getting a new version in the Annual Pass called Gambit Prime. It’s a decidedly more hardcore version of Gambit with a single round determining which team wins. New gear also assigns players to specific roles like Invader, Reaper, Collector, and Sentry.

Destiny 2 is also giving players a deeper dive into who the Drifter actually is with a new PvE instance called The Reckoning. Bungie hasn’t detailed what exactly The Reckoning is yet, aside from how it’s divided up into several tiers and is very hard. We’ll know more as The Reckoning rolls out over the next several months.

For players without the Annual Pass, there will still be new events like Iron Banner, Gambit Private Matches, and a new seasonal event called The Revelry. As for players who’ve been away from Destiny 2 for too long, there will also be new Power Surge Bounties offered by the Drifter which can get your level-50 character up to 640 Power Level quickly.

The new Destiny 2 roadmap Bungie revealed today is slightly different than the one the company released in December. There are three more items in the Season of the Drifter that weren’t listed on the old roadmap, and we now know the name of the next season: Season of Opulence.

Destiny 2’s updated roadmap. | Bungie

« We’re starting to figure out what the roadmap for a Bungie-controlled Destiny looks like, » says director Luke Smith in the developer update video, in reference to Bungie’s decision to split with longtime publishing partner Activision. While it’s impossible to say whether all of Destiny 2’s problems stemmed from Activision, the developers seem optimistic that it can now deliver a Destiny 2 experience more in-line with the wishes of its hardcore fans.

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