Drug Scandal Involving Judgment Voice Actor Cascades to Kingdom Hearts 3

Olaf’s voice will be lost, until it is found again.

Everyone’s least favorite quest in Kingdom Hearts 3 is about to… well it’s still going to be the worst, but now there’s going to be a new voice taunting you as you find Olaf’s missing pieces along the way.

After being arrested on cocaine-usage charges, actor and musician Pierre Taki has been a cause for concern in Japanese media. Just yesterday, news broke that Sega had halted sales and shipments of the Yakuza spinoff Judgment, as Taki appears in it. Taki is also well-known for his portrayal in as the lovable sentient snowman Olaf in Disney’s animated film Frozen for the Japanese version. According to Asahi News, Disney will be replacing the actor in upcoming Frozen 2. That has now extended into Kingdom Hearts 3 too.

The character of Olaf appears relatively briefly in Kingdom Hearts 3, all things considered. In one key mission in the Arendelle world, you have to collect Olaf’s pieces and put him back together, while he talks to you the entire time. (It’s a very annoying mission.) Afterwards, his appearances are mostly relegated to cutscenes. Still, Square Enix announced in a short press release that it will be replacing Taki’s voice as Olaf in a patch.

Kingdom Hearts 3 does not have any other language options for the audio track in the English version, so this change will not affect the western version of the game. For Taki, seemingly all traces of his video game performances are being erased due to the drug scandal, a symptom of Japan’s tough laws against drug use. It is still unknown how the halt of Judgment sales will affect its impending release out west.

Thanks, Kotaku and Gematsu.

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