ECO 9.0 What’s NEW for Sept 2020!!

this is a red letter week
because it’s the release of eco 9.0
a long awaited and anticipated update to
this game
so i’m going to be going over a
highlight of the new features we can
so first about this game are some
performance improvements
for people that have played the game and
been on long-running servers
you know the more you build the more you
add into the game
the more players there are that are
putting their own stuff
out there the more the performance
seemed to bog down there was a lot of
gpu usage
and you had to wait for things to render
into the game
sometimes your fps would slow down
but they have done some rework a lot of
back end crunching which is one of the
things that i think
took this update so long to get out so
we can look forward to improved use of
the gpu
and the cpu performance and just a lot
better feedback
from the game when we’re playing on a
next are some updates to the actual
i’m going to throw several things into
the actual crafting bucket here
but one of them is a new labor system
that’s based on
calorie-powered crafting before you
could just
make things and you could make a
thousand of something and it really
didn’t drain on your own person to be
able to make them the machines just sort
of crunched away
but now whenever you produce something
it’s actually gonna cost you calories
this is a great feedback loop into the
game because it means that you’re gonna
have to
eat more and probably eat more good
foods to keep your machines
running this all feeds back into the
cooks that make the food and the farmers
that grow the food
and so it’s really just gonna help
stimulate the economy
and the players across the board
they’ve also greatly expanded the
mineral processing system to add a lot
depth and byproducts from there so now
when you
mine rocks that have ores in them you
have to do a little bit more you have to
break down the rocks crunch them down
use some machines to do that
you also have to sift these things and
put them through a sluice box or some
kind of
separator to separate these things out
which also produces a number of
different by-products
really the only sort of byproduct you
was from smelting you would make these
tailings but now you’re going to have
different types of products that may be
or some that just may be contaminants
and you have to deal with all that and
manage all this product and byproduct
that’s coming out of this
new mineral processing they’ve also
improved the
collaboration to be able to get
different types of work
efforts that you want done the work
parties are similar to the contracts
which we
already had in eco but are expanded in a
lot of ways
a work party can accept any number of
so before with the contracts it was just
to a single individual
but now you can have contributors from a
number of people all working on some
effort that you want and they pay based
on how much
a given person is contributing so i’m
really looking forward to seeing how
that pans out increasing your
crafting efficiency is now also based on
upgrade modules things that you can
create or purchase
and apply to your machines to make them
run better and more efficient
and another thing they’ve applied to
this idea of efficiency
and the crafting cost reduction is that
it’s more
trade-based and i really don’t
understand exactly how that’s going to
work i need to experience it for myself
to be able to talk more about it but i
do like the idea that somehow
the more trade you do or something like
will affect how much it costs you to
actually produce something
there’s also quite a few new crafting
recipes items and world
objects that are available i know
everyone’s really excited to see what
these new items are
and in general i think around crafting
they’ve done a lot of work to balance it
to make the depth of it a little bit
more intricate in some of the crafting
and encourage more interaction eco is a
collaborative game and so i think
anything they’ve done in that crafting
encourages cross-participation amongst
and is one of the things that really
separates eco from a lot of the
other type of crafting builder type
next as a another category of upgrade
they’ve put into the game
is that they’ve added two new tier four
building materials
one of them is ashlar stone which of
course has a new look and texture to it
added to the game and so anyone that’s
been following the sort of
masonry stoneworking type of crafting
and skill in the game
now also has a tier 4 building material
they can create
on the other side is the composite
which is for the people that have been
following the logging and hewing and
lumbering type of crafting skills
they’ve been making things out of wood
and so now they also have a tier four
building material
up to now there’s only been one real
tier 4 building material
and that was making things out of steel
but now these other professions
also have a new tier 4 building material
but the new building materials really
don’t stop there
for some of the existing things that you
could make out of hewn
logs and lumber they’ve added different
of those materials and it’s based on the
type of wood
used so you’re going to get a different
kind of look
from something made from birch versus
something made from
oak versus something made from a
different type of wood
so i really like the fact that the wood
also has a lot of different
look and color to it that we’ve also had
with stone you can make
things different and they look different
from sandstone and limestone and so on
so now you get that with the logs
and for all of these different
variations and new materials
they’ve added a lot of new building
that you can apply so you got a lot of
different shapes and slopes and angles
and things like that that you can put
into the game
all of this together is going to make
for some great building because i know
the people that get into eco
they’ve actually created gigantic
massive cities with skyscrapers and just
the whole thing
so there’s going to be just a building
frenzy with all these new variations and
they’ve made some improvements to the
building system so
multiple blocks can be placed down at
one time added visual updates to the
asphalt roads to have
lane lines in them created some street
signs there’s just a lot of
updates to the actual building itself
the next category of update i’m going to
talk about and i’m also lumping a lot of
different types of things in here
is the ecosystem in the world itself
they’ve added some new
animal species in here and some of the
animals now have
predatory behavior so if you get a
little too close to them they will
attack you
and start to try to kill you i’ve even
seen some of the predators
running after some of the other animals
and tracking them down and killing them
so there’s some danger in the game when
you’re walking around in the jungle
you better watch out for the jaguar or
else he will just pounce on you and
start to chew on you
they’ve made some changes and updated
the actual geology of the world itself
and the ways that the ores spawn so
before if you were going after
iron or copper one of these ores they
were scattered
in a certain type of rock and a certain
type of
biome that’s still the case you’re going
to find certain types of things
in different types of locations but
rather than the ore being
spread i’ll say more evenly around
throughout the rock
now they’re going to be in more compact
kinds of deposits
and you’re going to have to take a
prospecting drill
to go locating these ore deposits now
you could just
openly excavate until you run across one
but that might be a little hit or miss
so they’ve added a prospecting drill to
locate the ores that you want and i
think it’s going to give you some
feedback about
how deep it is and how you to access it
that sort of thing
so it’s going to create a little bit of
a different gameplay for people that are
mining and going after different types
of ores there’s going to be a different
approach that players are going to have
to take
than what they’ve taken in the previous
i had mentioned with the building that
they have some
building forms that are different now
for the human log and lumber based on
the type of tree it comes from
but this goes all the way down to the
actual log
itself where they’ve got some unique log
types for each type of tree
and i believe this also is feeding into
maybe a particular type of log for a
particular type of thing that you want
to make or build
so this may really disperse people now
you just don’t chop
any tree and get the general category of
you may need a specific type of wood to
be able to do what you want to do
and like a lot of other things in eco
this is going to drive
players to have to make choices if you
want a particular type of
log then you may have to choose your
base of operations in a particular biome
to be able to get that specific type of
wood to create that specific type of
it also potentially divides the market
for different types of wood products
across a larger number of players so a
cedar lumberer will be able to sell his
to a different type of market for
someone wanting to build out of cedar
than someone who’s wanting to build
things out of birch we’ll say
so this is going to be really
interesting to see how this plays out
they’ve also reintroduced the wetland
into the game and like with the other
biomes it has specific plants and
animals and things that you can find or
gather there so that’s gonna be really
interesting to see what the wetland
biome has to offer now
and the game is called eco so they have
made adjustments to pollution
so avoiding climate change requires a
little bit more
effort from the society as a whole and i
do know that there are more
pollutants that are being produced now
and hopefully the effect of the
is a little more significant i will say
one thing about the game if i were to be
that with the ecology it wasn’t too
difficult to keep the overall world
in control you could usually control
your climate pretty well
particularly if you were on a large
world the smaller worlds
yes it was a much more of an issue but
hopefully now pollution
has a greater impact and they have said
they’ve made changes there
i don’t know whether i’ve saved the best
for last but certainly one of the more
complex and complicated things that
they’ve added to the game and really
is their government system so they’ve
moved their law system which before
take you out to this webpage and used to
build laws there
they’ve moved that in game and put in a
variety of improvements to help ease
that use
they’ve vastly expanded the options for
the laws and governments you can create
a lot of different types of
laws and different types of governments
one of those things is they’ve applied a
constitution that decides the foundation
of how the government is going to be run
and set
up it’s really interesting i want to see
how that plays out and i’m
actually going to be joining a couple
servers where they’re really focused on
the whole government and constitution
they may exist out there but i’m not
sure i know of any other games that
actually have
anything like this so this seems really
unique for
eco to support that they’ve made
specific new
government buildings each with their own
now servers that i’ve played on we’ve
actually made a
central government building where the
government would have government
stores and a government real estate desk
these kinds of things but these
government buildings are there
specifically to support the idea of
creating laws
and voting on things and stuff like that
so there’s
dedicated buildings that you have to
create to support this type of
government that’s
something very very new here they’ve
a kind of election process before yes
you could elect a
world leader but now there’s a whole
election process where you can
elect other types of officials to do
other types of things
maybe to represent certain bodies in the
government and all like that
and something that probably dovetails
with these
laws and elections and officials and all
that are
districts the districts can now overlap
before if you were to create a district
area you know
name it as something oh this is going to
be the logging district or this is going
to be the
government downtown district that kind
of thing they had to be distinct from
each other but now
districts can overlap so a given area
might be under the jurisdiction of more
than one kind of
district and under more than one kind of
so that’ll be really interesting to see
how we that actually is even viewed
in the game in the new district map that
they’re providing
these different types of government
officials and titles that i think people
can be elected into also i think come
wages that they might be able to make so
it’s a whole other
money making opportunity for people if
they don’t want to actually maybe
play the game itself and be building and
maybe they just act as representatives
earn their money like that like a real
and of course with any good government
the citizens now have the option to
overthrow a government i have no idea
what that’s about
but i’m sure there’s going to be lots of
mayhem there uh
you know it goes beyond i think it’s
something a little different
than just a law and voting someone out
this idea of overthrowing the government
might be something completely different
i’m looking forward to seeing how that
and lastly they’ve made a number of
changes to just improve the overall
playability and experience of the game
they have a
detailed ecopedia available explaining
most of the game
concepts and mechanics they’ve expanded
the lighting system and
added a lot of additional graphic
as well as a revamped user interface to
be able to interact with things a little
better a little more differently now
they’ve done a lot of audio improvements
things that are more dynamic with what
you’re doing so like while you’re
and you’re just moving the machine
forwards it makes a different sound than
when you’re
running the arm and grinding and gouging
out rocks
so i’m looking forward to seeing what
all the audio improvements are that
really adds to the experience
they’ve got an improved mini map and
just a number of other little small
things to
help make the game a little bit better
so that is by no means a complete and
detailed rundown of all the updates here
for eco
and by no means does it cover even all
the functionality and all the different
things that you can do in the game
but it does give you a little highlight
a little high level view
of all the different types of things
that are coming into this patch
and all the different things to
experience i hope you liked this video
if you did feel free to like and
subscribe if you want to
and i’ll be talking to you later

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