Fallout 76 Players Access Secret Dev Room With Unreleased Weapons, Items, and Even an NPC

As players wait for more content in Fallout 76, some players have taken matters into their own hands. In a triumph of the human spirit, a few Fallout 76 players forced their way into the game’s secret ‘developer room’ which contains yet-unreleased items and materials stored for testing. Apparently, there’s even an NPC in there.

Eurogamer reports that mention of this developer room first appeared on the Fallout 76 subreddit a couple days ago, though its existence was known for a few weeks. While Bethesda’s single-player games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim also had developer rooms, those were accessible via the cheat console. Fallout 76’s developer room was meant to stay locked on account of the online nature of the game.

That lock apparently wasn’t foolproof and there are even videos of players in the developer room, pulling out unreleased items and weapons and interacting with the NPC inside. There are also new resources, and paints to customize your Power Armor. In case you’re wondering, the NPC doesn’t appear to be a planned addition to Fallout 76, but rather a kind of dummy to test items and weapons on. He’s even named « Wooby, » which is just unfortunate.

There’re no instructions for how to enter the developer room readily available on the internet, but those who’ve been inside are apparently trying to sell some of the unreleased items with other players. But Bethesda appears to be on top of this black-market trade and is issuing bans to any accounts found messing around in the developer room.

We expect the dev room will be locked down considering this new report. Even mods on the Market76 subreddit are also cracking down on anyone caught trying to sell or trade ill-gotten items from the dev room. Another headache no doubt for Bethesda which is still dealing with the rocky launch of Fallout 76.

Bethesda has two more updates for Fallout 76 planned for January. For more info check out our Fallout 76 guides for walkthroughs, tips, and other useful tidbits.

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