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The High Hydration Myths – Busted!

The High Hydration Myths – Busted!

The High Hydration Myths – Busted!

Staying hydrated is paramount to sustaining good well being. Ingesting sufficient water and different fluids all through the day helps in bettering metabolism, digestion, and psychological in addition to bodily efficiency. Nonetheless, with a whole lot of data floating round concerning the appropriate methods to remain hydrated, it may be tough to know which recommendation is correct. On this article, we are going to debunk among the commonest hydration myths.

Fantasy 1: Ingesting 8 glasses of water per day is sufficient

One of the widespread myths out there may be that it’s worthwhile to drink eight glasses of water per day to remain adequately hydrated. The reality is that your hydration wants will range relying on components akin to your weight, intercourse, age, and exercise degree. Sometimes, the Institute of Medication recommends that ladies ought to eat round 11.5 cups of water per day whereas males ought to purpose for about 15.5 cups of water per day. Nonetheless, remember the fact that the urged quantity can range based mostly on completely different particular person wants.

Fantasy 2: Caffeine in drinks causes dehydration

Many individuals imagine that consuming caffeine can result in dehydration. Whereas it’s suggested to not go overboard with caffeine consumption, research have proven that average quantities of espresso, tea, or delicate drinks shouldn’t have a big impact on hydration ranges. Nonetheless, extreme consumption of caffeinated drinks can have hostile results in your well being and result in dehydration.

Fantasy 3: You solely have to drink water once you really feel thirsty

One other widespread fable is that you simply solely have to drink water once you’re feeling thirsty. Nonetheless, by the point you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. It is important to drink water and fluids all through the day, even if you happen to’re not feeling thirsty. Maintain your self hydrated with small sips of water each hour.

Fantasy 4: Clear urine signifies that you simply’re nicely hydrated

Individuals usually suppose that clear urine is an indicator of well-hydrated physique. Nonetheless, it isn’t all the time true. Clear urine is usually a signal of extra hydration or overhydration. As a substitute, specialists recommend that the optimum urine colour needs to be pale yellow, which signifies a correctly hydrated physique.

Fantasy 5: Any drink will help in staying hydrated

Many individuals suppose that any liquid, akin to tea, espresso, juice, or soda, will help keep hydrated. Nonetheless, it isn’t true. Some drinks, akin to espresso or soda, include caffeine, a chemical compound that may result in dehydration if consumed in extra. Fruit juices and sport drinks, usually include excessive quantities of sugar, which, when consumed in extreme portions, can result in dehydration.

Fantasy 6: Ingesting water can result in weight reduction

Some folks imagine that consuming water can result in weight reduction. Whereas consuming sufficient water is important to make sure optimum physique perform and metabolism, it isn’t a weight-loss resolution. Ingesting water earlier than or throughout meals will help you’re feeling fuller, lowering your consumption steadily, resulting in weight reduction over time. Nonetheless, different components play a way more vital position in weight administration than consuming water alone.


What’s the easiest way to remain hydrated throughout train?

One of the simplest ways to remain hydrated throughout train is to drink water or fluids earlier than, throughout, and after the exercise. The quantity of fluid you want will depend upon the depth and length of the train. As a rule of thumb, purpose to drink 16-20 ounces of water one hour earlier than exercising and 8-10 ounces of water each 10-20 minutes throughout train. Drink an extra 8-10 ounces of water inside half-hour after you end your exercise.

What are some indicators of dehydration?

Some indicators of dehydration embrace thirst, unhealthy breath, dry pores and skin or mouth, weak spot, dizziness, an elevated coronary heart price, fatigue, and fewer frequent urination. Extreme dehydration is usually a medical emergency, resulting in confusion, fainting, and low blood strain.

What are the advantages of staying hydrated?

Staying hydrated has quite a few well being advantages, together with improved bodily efficiency, higher digestion, weight administration, regulation of physique temperature, enhanced psychological readability and focus, and a stronger immune system.


Staying hydrated is essential for optimum well being and wellbeing. Nonetheless, it is important to tell apart between truth and fable with regards to hydration. Ingesting eight glasses of water per day is just not sufficient for everybody, and clear urine is just not all the time a superb indicator of hydration. As a substitute, you must drink small sips of water all through the day and make sure that the urine colour is pale yellow. By busting these hydration myths, we hope that will help you keep higher hydrated and keep good well being.

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