Fortnite Might Also Get a Respawn Feature Like Apex Legends

Respawn is all the rage right now.

A new season of Fortnite, a new season of leaks. Epic previously revealed it was looking into some kind of respawn feature, and a new datamine may have just revealed what that feature could look like.

While some of the biggest changes in Fortnite Season 8 includes the large volcano that’s now on the map, there have been some smaller mysteries around the island as well. One such mystery is this random van that appeared out of nowhere near Retail Row. You’ll have to be quick to see it since it despawns if you get to close.

Fortnite leaker @FortTory dug into the van and discovered that it could be called ‘Second Chance Van.’ With a name like that it kind of screams « respawn » doesn’t it? Further digging into the van uncovered a card system that could unlock the van. Players may be able to pick up a card dropped by their teammates to bring to the van for revival. Yes, just like Apex Legends.

It’s starting to look like Epic Games may have been jotting down a lot of notes from Apex Legends, which came out earlier this month. Fortnite added a stripped-down ping system in Season 8, and with the respawn feature it looks like Fortnite might be copping some looks from the hot new kid in battle royale school.

Jokes aside, video games often borrow and iterate features from other games. It’s what helps the industry evolving, and it looks like Fortnite might be testing out some features that work really well in Apex Legends to see if it works in its battle royale also.

You can check out both our Fortnite season 8 guide or our Apex Legends guide for tips and tricks on these hot battle royale games.

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