Fortnite Rifts Guide – Where Can You Find Rifts on the Fortnite Map? What Do Rifts Do?

Rifts are a brand new aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale, that only arrived in the game in the runup to the launch of Season 5. In this Fortnite Rifts guide, we’ll be walking you through how to find rifts, as well as detailing the various bonuses that rifts can grant you through activating them.

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Fortnite Rifts Guide

You might remember that the countdown to Season 5 of Fortnite basically kicked off around 12 days ago at this point, with the rocket launching off into the sky of the game. It was at this point that the huge rift in the sky appeared, and smaller rifts all around the map began to emerge in the days following the rocket launch.

At first, the rifts began swallowing up objects around the map, including the burger mascot sign. The sign then magically appeared in a real life desert somehow, but the rift remained in the Fortnite map. Now, with the launch of Fortnite Season 5 coming and going, the rifts are still on the map.

Fortnite Rift Locations

Unfortunately, there are no set rift locations in Fortnite Battle Royale. It seems as though the rifts appear entirely at random in the game, and you then have to scramble around the map, trying to stay alive while finding one, if you want to use a rift. For example, we’ve found multiple rifts in the desert area of Paradise Palms, that were then absent for the next two matches after we first discovered them.

What Do Rifts in Fortnite Do?

Once you’ve found a rift in Fortnite Battle Royale, it basically acts as a teleportation system. If you can enter a rift, you’ll immediately reappear high up above the ground, in roughly the same location on the map at which you entered the rift. From here, you basically get another chance to descend on the map, pulling out your glider so you can reach another location nearby quickly.

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