Hate Spiders Like Any Sane Human? You’ll Love Satisfactory’s Arachnophobia Mode

If you, like me, are terrified of spiders, then you, like me, have spent years making partners, roommates, family members, friends deal with the creepy crawlies that appear in your room. Then you, like me, have gone specifically out of your way to try and avoid when games have giant spiders as enemies—like that level in Jak and Daxter, or those menacing spiders you face very early on in Skyrim. Then you, like me, will appreciate this toggleable mode in the upcoming game Satisfactory.

Eurogamer spotted the setting in a menu, presumably during its demo of the game. | Eurogamer, Coffee Stain Studios

In Satisfactory, as spotted by our friends at Eurogamer, you no longer have to worry about getting spooked some spiders thanks to a nifty Arachnophobia Mode. Instead of seeing eight-legged arachnids, you’ll be treated with a giant picture of a cat’s face. The Swedish studio Coffee Stain Studios, also known for Goat Simulator, are pretty much geniuses with this thoughtful invention. For so long, I have feared stumbling across big spiders. Heck, I still have a terrifying memory of being laser focused during a late Destiny 2 session ’til the wee hours of the morning, only to look down at my coffee table and find a big spider just chilling. (I ran out of the room.)

While the Arachnophobia Mode will not extend to my coffee table in the dead of night, it will extend to PC screens, masking spiders in-game with a fluffy cat face. Horrifyingly though, the cat face is very big, and I can’t even imagine how big the spider lying behind it is. (I also wonder if this affects the hit box at all, but probably not.) Hopefully, spider filters will become the hot new trend in video games.

Satisfactory, a charming first-person open-world factory building simulation, was originally unveiled at E3 2018 during the PC Gaming Show. Its cheeky trailer was immediately memorable. This past week, it’s been revealed as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and like Supergiant’s Hades, will be in early access. Satisfactory launches in early access on the Epic Games Store on March 19.

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