Kingdom Hearts 3 Post-Launch Epilogue and Secret Video Release Dates Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally almost out, and today Square Enix laid out the roadmap for the free content updates coming to the game post-launch. As part of the free content drops, Square Enix is releasing both an epilogue and the « secret » video separately after Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

In a series of tweets, Square Enix revealed the immediate post-launch update roadmap for Kingdom Hearts 3. These include some fixes and new features like a video library. But if players want to experience the full Kingdom Hearts 3, they’ll have to wait a day for the epilogue, and a day after that for a secret video.

Here’s a full list of features and release dates for Kingdom Hearts 3’s post-launch updates:

  • Tuesday, January 29 – Update 1.01 (several data fixes), Memory Archive (videos). The Memory Archive is a digest of the Kingdom Hearts story in the series up to this point, and can be accessed from the menu at any time.
  • Wednesday, January 30 – Epilogue (Video). Players will need to have completed Kingdom Hearts 3 and seen the ending to view this video.
  • Thursday, January 31 – Secret (Video). Players will need to have completed Kingdom Hearts 3 and seen the ending, as well as fulfilled certain criteria during play to view this video. The criteria can vary depending on the difficulty level selected.

Square Enix says that the main game already has the ending for Kingdom Hearts 3, but the epilogue and « secret » video are meant to enhance the enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts 3.

We knew about the post-launch epilogue and « secret » video since December when copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 mysteriously leaked online. Director Tetsuya Nomura issued a public statement on Twitter that mentioned both post-launch videos were not spoiled, which is a good thing since they’re, « the biggest spoilers in the game, » according to Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out on January 29 in North America for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For all the latest updates including trailers, previews, news, and more check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide.

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