Monster Hunter: World Special Announcement Coming Next Week

If you were watching The Game Awards you would have seen Capcom win Best RPG at The Game Awards which they used as an opportunity to tell fans that a special announcement for Monster Hunter: World was imminent. That news now appears to be coming on Monday, December 10, at 6am PT/9am ET.

Monster Hunter: World was a massive success for Capcom both critically and financially. However, a late PC port and the lack of post-release content has definitely taken a toll on its player base. Fans have asked for everything from new monsters, new areas, and of course, the G-Rank difficulty, but Capcom has kept mum on its plans for Monster Hunter: World. But Monday could see something new arrive at long last.

What could we expect to see from Monster Hunter: World on Monday? Perhaps we will see some details about Monster Hunter: World’s year two plans as previously teased in Capcom’s recent financial briefing. Monster Hunter: World is uniquely positioned to take advantage of its live-service model with new content and expansions, but until we know for sure what’s coming it literally could be anything. Maybe Joker will be playable soon?

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