PUBG’s Snow Map Vikendi Officially Announced, Playable on PC Test Servers Tonight

Given that last year we got a load of PUBG news at The Game Awards, from its 1.0 version to the reveal of the desert map Miramar, it seemed natural that we’d finally learn more about PUBG’s long-anticipated snow map. Tonight was no disappointment on that front.

A cinematic teaser trailer, emblazoned with Winter Has Arrived, shows off a dead man in a signature level 3 helmet lying dead in the snow. A poor bird pulls the pin out of a grenade, and well, we get a wide shot of the snowy map, which we learn is named Vikendi.

Dave Curd, art director at PUBG Corp., described the new map in a brief on-stage interview with Game Awards host and producer Geoff Keighley. It’s the game’s first 6×6 map, and in it players will be able to track each other’s footprints which stay in the snow. « Players can track you, you can track them, » Curd tells Keighley. The map will also feature a new snowmobile vehicle. Plus, players won’t have to wait for it either: it will be available on PC test servers tonight, and will follow on PS4 and Xbox One in January. PUBG also launches on PS4 tomorrow.

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