Red Dead Online Updates Adds Anti-Griefing Tools, but Some Xbox One Players are Still Facing Problems

Stability fixes and new content, but how are Xbox One players?

Today Rockstar rolled out its planned title update to Red Dead Online Beta. The update added new modes, quality of life changes that specifically targeted griefing, and fixes for stability. Xbox One players, specifically, needed a fix after reporting weeks of unstable gameplay. After today’s patch, Xbox players are reporting mixed results.

For the past week Red Dead Online player specifically on the Xbox One and Xbox One X were reporting weird issues preventing them from enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode. This included issues where players were kicked from the game, had difficulty logging on completely, or entering completely barren online worlds.

The Red Dead Online patch notes released today includes a note that Rockstar « [f]ixed issues that resulted in game crashes, freezes and general stability issues. » And while some Xbox One players have seen improvements, others haven’t.

With some Xbox One players reporting that Red Dead Online is now fixed for them, this hopefully means that Rockstar is beginning to clear away whatever issues are plaguing the platform. But it seems other players aren’t so lucky, which raises questions about why exactly Red Dead Online acts up on the Xbox One in particular.

As for the broader changes made to Red Dead Online with today’s update, much of it was announced previously. There will be new PvP multiplayer modes like Fool’s Gold, as well as stricter anti-griefing policies. This includes harsher punishments for griefing other players online, and better warning tools for bystanders trying to avoid aggressive players online.

We previously reached out to Rockstar to find out more about what’s happening with Red Dead Online on Xbox One, but haven’t heard back. In the meantime, check out our Red Dead Online guide for our complete coverage.

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