There’s Buried Treasure to Find in Fortnite Battle Royale Patch 8.01

Plus a new Slide Duos LTM.

The latest Fortnite patch is now live, with version 8.01 available to download on all platforms. There’s the inclusion of mysterious buried treasure, supposedly now available to find on the Battle Royale map.

”Follow the map to uncover hidden loot across the island!” the patch notes read. “Find the X that marks the spot and get to digging.” According to the patch notes, you need to first track down a treasure map, then acquire a pickaxe, and then get digging up the treasure.

Treasure maps can now be found in Fortnite. | Epic

The winter-themed season of Fortnite is behind us, but the new Slide Duos mode is now available. This puts ice blocks on the feet of every player, decreasing friction and fall damage, but drastically lowering your movement control.

Elsewhere, Infantry Rifle availability has been reduced, with Epic lowering the chance that you’ll obtain one of the weapons as floor loot. The chances of finding a Clinger have also been reduced slightly, and Bottle Rockets have been vaulted.

If you’re looking for a recap of the past week’s challenges in Battle Royale, then you can head over to our Fortnite Week 1 Challenges guide.

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