10 Tips and Tricks to go ‘As Far As The Eye

Beginner’s Guide | New Strategy Game 2020

hey buddies some nuts guy here hope
you’re all having a good day
i just wanted to say a really quick
thanks to the devs for as far as the eye
they’ve been super super cool and giving
me early access to the game i’ve been
playing it a lot
for the two days leading up to the
release date 10th of september and if
you happen to be watching this one is
published on the release date i may
actually be streaming it right now
they’ve also been really cool and giving
me a couple of game keys to do some
giveaways for you guys
so if you’re interested in getting a
free copy and it is still the 10th of
maybe drop by the link will be in the
description below but
as i said i’ve been playing about 10 to
15 hours of the last couple of days and
these are my top tips and tricks
to maybe help you not make the same
mistakes that i made in my first few
hours of playing the game
so i hope you enjoy let’s go

tip number one know and understand the
terminology for the game
the sigh is essentially you your
character or your being
the pupils are the individual units that
you will control that will perform tasks
for you throughout the game
a silhouette is the individual forms
that a pupil can take
when they’re performing different jobs
a vagary is a sudden and unfortunate
that will have some kind of effect on
the game
and a halt are the individual locations
on the map
such as this one that we’re in now or
such as the individual locations that
you progress through on your way to
the eye and the eye is the
final destination the location of which
you’re trying to get to
it’s the ultimate goal of the game to
get as far as the eye
tip number two put a big emphasis on
pupils will consume six food per day
unless they have a trait that states
otherwise we’ll get to traits a little
bit later
and pupils will consume food first
starting with rations
which can be created out of a cook house
or a bakery from raw materials like fish
game spices and cereals
and then they’ll revert to pepkins if
there are no rations left available
there were a couple occasions where i
didn’t keep my eye on my food
and i noticed a little too late that my
food stocks were running low
and i didn’t leave myself enough time to
uh to gather some food and recuperate
that situation so unfortunately
a couple of times i let my pupils die
because of
lack of food management so i’d
definitely recommend keeping
roughly 10 to 20 days worth of stocks
left um just just to give you a little
bit of a buffer
to make sure you have enough food tip
number three
permanent buildings versus mobile
buildings when you’re building most of
the things
in as far as the eye you have two
choices to either choose to build a
permanent version
or a mobile version of that building
permanent versions are much cheaper
usually only requiring wood however some
of them do require a little bit of stone
or ore as well
and are completely permanent to this
halt they will not travel with you when
you move from one halt to the next
so any upgrades that you do to these
buildings will also be left behind
mobile buildings are generally more
expensive requiring higher tier
resources stone
wool ore and more of them than any of
the permanent buildings
however these buildings will be taken
with you when you move to the next halt
therefore any upgrades that you perform
on these buildings will also be brought
with you as well
just bear in mind that uh mobile
buildings do take up some space
in your inventory when moving from one
hall to the next so one make sure you
can fit them in and two
don’t forget to bring them with you
tip number four when looking to move a
pupil from one job to another
or from a job to building you want to
check how many turns until they return
the resources that they currently have
if you can see that they have one turn
remaining until they’ve brought back the
or they are on returning resources
it’s probably a good idea to let them
return those resources so you can get
before changing their job however if you
see that they are currently going to
or if they have two more turns remaining
on gathering
then you can probably change them
straight away
tip number five pick up all of the
rhinofloas are a resource that you’ll
find maybe one or two
of in each halt and they’re incredibly
i’ve picked up two on this halt already
one of which i’ve used to build a camp
which is an appendix
and the other of which i’m holding
because rhino flows that haven’t been
used to build appendixes
will provide additional storage when
you’re looking to travel from one halt
to the next
now there’s a number of appendixes you
can build
with your rhinophyllos the camps the
workshops the markets and the councils
all very important and unique buildings
and in terms of when you’re looking to
travel from one one halt to the next
you can see that you gain additional
storage space for each rhinofloat that
you have
in your in your repertoire if you will
that hasn’t been used to build an
appendix yet very useful resources you
want to pick them all up
tip number six you can click on a
icon in the top left corner to indicate
anywhere on the map where that resource
might be
sometimes you have a large map and
there’s only one or two squares of a
particular resource and it’s hard to
or sometimes like with the herbs here
you have multiple resources on one tile
and sometimes things like the trees will
block the other resources
beneath making it difficult to see so if
you just click
the icons up here in the top left corner
it will indicate where all of the
resources are
on the map of that specific resource
tip number seven pupils have traits they
usually have one positive trait and one
trait you want to pay attention to these
traits and assign
jobs and roles based on these traits
so as an example one of my favorite
traits is agile
means that this people takes one less
turn to harvest
so you generally want these for your
important roles like harvesting food
harvesting wood
etc now unfortunately i didn’t pay
attention to this character and this is
a bad combination
because this character this pupil also
has the trait clumsy
this pupil loses five health per harvest
so it has reduced time to harvest but it
also receives damage
every single harvest so that’s a bad
combination now with agile you usually
want them to be however staying high
value resources
but because of the fact that he’s clumsy
you probably want this one to be more of
a builder
or a cook because building and cooking
and other various jobs don’t require or
mean that losing health because they’re
not doing harvest
cycles if that makes sense there’s a
bunch of different traits
so when you look at your pupils when you
start a game have a check what traits
your pupils have and try and plan their
jobs and roles according to what traits
they have
tip number eight paths with pupil level
requirements are usually
cheaper than paths that require only
so there are a number of paths that you
can take from one halt to another
on your journey towards the eye and
those paths will require different
now paths that have a pupil
level requirement will often require
less resources
than ones that just require resources
so as an example i have a path here
which takes 375 meat or 75
iron and i have a path here which only
me to have a pupil at builder level 3.
now builder level 3 is quite easy to
achieve on the first halt you just use
the same pupil to build all the
buildings for that halt and you’re
probably going to achieve that
so it’s essentially a free path that you
can take
worth considering when you’re looking at
your roots towards the eye
tip number nine when upgrading your
pupils to specialized tiers
and you have a choice between two
different traits or two different perks
that you can gain
i would prioritize the
upgrades that allow you to gain
knowledge per harvest cycle
quite early on because that will allow
you to accrue knowledge
from from the get-go and you can do some
pretty fantastic upgrades with knowledge
which will give you a number of benefits
including increased storage sizes when
you’re moving from one halt to a next or
various other
passive benefits that you can gain from
your caravan
tip number 10 take your time there’s no
rush you have plenty of turns from one
halt to the next
and you want to make sure you’re setting
yourself up in the next halt as strong
as possible
by bringing as many resources as
possible now i’m in a fairly strong
position here
remember a big emphasis on food so i’ve
got a lot of food to bring to the next
but i’ve got a couple of stacks here
which aren’t full and i’ve got a few
empty spaces that i might be able to
so i’ve got plenty of turns left
we’ve got 85 turns until the wave
catches up to us
85 turns for us to prepare for the next
so it might be better for me to take a
few extra turns gather the resources
that are just going to set me up best
for when i get to the next halt

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