Among Us Tips and Tricks: HOW TO SPOT IMPOSTORS

hey guys zombie here and welcome back to
another among us tips and tricks video
in today’s tips and tricks video we’re
going to be going over how to spot
imposters better
i do want to preface this that none of
this is 100 percent
foolproof unless you literally see
someone vent or kill which is
a dead giveaway but this is going to be
on like the smaller things
that might suggest to you someone suss
or might be an imposter
i also want to say now that i’m not
going to be going over common tasks for
example the keyhole task on polis
as i don’t like people who play that way
but if there’s a high demand for that
kind of
video i’ll make one and for those of you
who know what i’m talking about
you know what i’m talking about for
those of you who don’t don’t worry about
it it’s something i think is kind of
broken because i don’t know it’s a
personal preference thing
all right now let’s get into the tips
and tricks before we get started
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let’s hop into the tips and tricks
all right so quickly before i show the
first thing i do want to mention again
you can see my cursor so i can point to
things and this is what i like to call
the stutter step so i’ll showcase it
then i’ll explain it and showcase it
so i’m an imposter here
i do want to mention that
this makes more sense if this person is
moving this way and there’s a second
person behind them
and i’ll explain why now so as
at least in my experience and the people
i play with and the way i play if i’m a
crewmate and i’m going towards a task
either you know this wiring or up in
i’m just going there unless i see
someone and i get scared and literally
run the other way
i’m not gonna be like dancing unless i’m
trying to get someone to follow me but
then i’d be dancing like here to get
someone to follow me to scan
so in this example pretend this dummy is
up and pretend there’s someone else back
here that i notice after the fact so
as an imposter you run in this person’s
running up so now we’re like on top of
each other

and then i start kind of dancing like as
if i’m gonna follow them and then i see
the second person coming around so i’m
like oh never mind i’ll keep going the
way i was going
and the reason like i said if i’m if i’m
a crewmate i’m pretty much going
straight to my task i might do a little
jiggle and run the other way like let’s
say i think red’s an imposter i see them
alone and i’m alone
i might run away and try to run into
other people so that they can’t kill me
anymore because they wouldn’t kill in
front of people probably
so that’s a small thing you might pick
up on it’s if you watched my uh my soul
read video
i actually do call someone out for this
i solo vote them out it’s very funny um
but there was a little jiggle they did
there was me and one other person coming
out and they were going in they did a
jiggle then they went up
and then they like jiggled back as the
door closed and i was like i don’t i
don’t like that
um so definitely check that out to see
that in motion especially with
two crewmates and an imposter and me as
the crewmate and saying yeah that was
i’ll put an info card up here on the top
right up over in this area
uh and if you’re on mobile uh i guess
you can just click
on my channel and it should pop up i

all right up next we have this so again
i’m imposter in this situation
and i’m going to be faking this task
uh pretend there isn’t someone standing
here but i can’t move the dummies so
just pretend he’s not there maybe
someone’s up here
yeah in fact someone is someone’s on
this task right here
so i’m faking this task i’m faking this
task and i’ll just like do this
it’s kind of hard to explain in this
example because there’s someone here
but essentially if you’re faking a task
you know there’s no
if you have a task you have to do it
like glow yellow
so for example if i run over to reactor
as a crew mate here
i’ll look i’ll see i have two on the
left so i’ll just walk in and walk to
the left and see what’s glowing and i’ll
walk up to it and do it
and the game kind of trains you to do
that it’s something you kind of pick up
over time if not
early or you just kind of go to the
thing that’s glowing yellow
if he’s not standing here this event is
glowing yellow so something you could
subconsciously do that i have seen
people do and again i’ve called people
out on
is like fake this task and then like run
to here realize it’s event and then run
the other way
i mean again nothing in this video is
100 concrete

but it could suggest that maybe
something’s going on just a little you
know fake this task and to kind of run
over the vent realize it’s event and run
the other way
and then again you can you can do this
and then go up because there is a task
here so you could
someone could legitimately be going this
way but i feel like an imposter might do
a little stutter on the vent because
they didn’t realize
just subconsciously they’re gonna run to
the thing that was glowing
so that’s another thing another thing
that i’ve seen is this room is empty
and i walk in and someone again as in
sorry as crew made my
radius of like vision smaller and in
free play the vision for imposters is
massive and i don’t i can’t change it
but you run in and you see
you know pretty much only to about here
as a crewmate on the settings that i
play on with with my squad
and you see someone running up this way
again they could be on this
but it’s also possible they jumped out
of the vent and i called someone for
that once and they did jump out of the
vent and we got them later for it uh
but just small things like for example
here if someone’s running up
could be a task here if someone’s
running down from here it’s not as
it’s certain certain events are more
susceptible to this than others
for example med bay is a great example
not that many people are gonna be
actually maybe people will vent to med
so coming out of here is odd because the
only thing to do in here is this task
which is a part two
and this task which you usually do round
one or at least show people round one if
you have it

um so maybe you’re jumping out of here
to run down to kill someone who’s fixing
o2 if you have it sabot or if
for whatever reason you want to run this
way to check if someone’s over a
launch pad which i feel like is weird
but seeing someone run out of med bay
and you see them come around this corner
there’s nothing down here so if you see
someone as a crewmate you see someone
coming around this corner like that you
can potentially call them for running
away from a vent
because there’s nothing down here the
other ones like this one’s better than
the the admin one
but you can apply it to this one but
again there is a task here so
not like i said nothing here is concrete
other than literally seeing someone kill
or seeing them jump out of the vent
which i’m not even really going to go
over because it’s so straightforward
so the next thing i want to go over the
next tip and or trick
is someone faking a task out of order
so to explain this i’m going to pretend
it’s the beginning of a game
and kind of run you down why what i’m
gonna do is weird
so let me just go over the launch pad
so let’s say you know we all spawned in
we’re in the big circle whatever
people are doing their things some
people don’t have any tasks they just
start running
usually you’ll have a few people run
this way and then maybe some people will
kind of go into med bay if someone’s

a lot of times no one is and people will
come straight to here
or up to admin slash electrical slash
o2 so this is still right off the
beginning of the game i come over here
and i’m faking this task
and the reason this is really bad as
imposter is because
you this is this is the second part of a
task to do this
this task you have to go over to storage
first and do the task in the back right
over here where my mouse is to get the
watering can
which then brings you to this task
another example is fixing the reactors
sorry the uh the rockets on the scaled
where you have to do bottom engine first
to align like the rocket and then you do
the top one second
or you have to make the line like make
the rocket
be you know 90 degrees with
whatever i said that really poorly but i
think you know what i’m talking about
so basically what i’m saying is doing
the second part of a task
first let’s usually this is around one
thing because
otherwise you don’t know what tasks
they’ve done but right off rip if i came
straight to this task
that’s bet either i vented well it’s not
possible but you could vent
technically to storage and then pretend
to do it there then come back
but with how long that would take as a
crewmate to run there and run back
you can potentially catch people doing
the wrong task
or faking the wrong task and just
quickly as
a tip for imposter because for most of
this video it is also an impostor tips
and tricks
to basically just not make these
but something as impostor to note is to
never have that problem
at least on round one go to your fake
because they’re the tasks you would have
had if you were a crewmate
so like you could again i said i’m not
going over common tasks but if you are
if you just look at what your fake tasks
are you’re never going to run into that

so that’s that’s all i’ll say on that i
know it’s a little cryptic but
i like i said i don’t really want to go
over that in depth because i think it’s
not a fun way to play the game
uh but with this it’ll only show you
parts one part one of a task and not
part two because you can’t complete part
one so then it comes into game knowledge
where if i had this
task with the watering can and i faked
it i could come and fake this
which this also leads into another thing
if you see someone faking the same task
twice which might not be the easiest
thing to spot
because if you’re trying to memorize
every task everyone does
and where everyone was and who you
passed and where they were and where
they could have went and where the
person died you
you’re gonna overwhelm yourself very
but let’s say you know we’re coming up
together for in this hallway you go to
here and you see me come to this and i
i do this and i’ve it’s like i finished
you finish

first you come and you see me
and you go in and i’ll come into you
i’ll i’ll do this task and you’ll do
this one whatever
and we come back out and then i hop on
this again
it seems straightforward not to do as an
imposter and it seems straightforward as
a crewmate to spot
but i i feel like this is something that
people should just keep in the back of
their mind
or at least closer to the front of their
mind if you see someone fake the same
task twice
uh probably an imposter or they were a
crewmate who canceled
or they misclicked out which there is
reasons for that too and that’s why i
keep well i keep wanting to reiterate
this is not a 100
like gotcha solution none of these are
other than
seeing them kill someone directly or
jumping out of a vent and you see them
jump out
because for example if someone jumped
out of this vent right now i would see
the vent open and close
but i wouldn’t see if anyone i wouldn’t
see if the person jumped out or
in and i wouldn’t see the collar i
wouldn’t see them at all i would just
see the vent open and close
so potentially you can run into like oh
okay it was blue oh i’m dead because
they you know or maybe maybe they won’t
kill you because maybe they don’t know
you can see it from outside

there’s one more tip i want to tell you
guys but i want to demonstrate it on
polis because i think it’s a better
example to do it there
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i appreciate again i appreciate all of
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very much i’ll see you over at polos in
one second
all right so here we are on polis and
for this example
i’ll just do it and then i’ll explain
why what i did was bad but you have to
pretend someone’s running
from like pretend someone’s at med bay
and they’re gonna run
towards lights so i just turn up the
lights they’re at med bay and now
they’re gonna run towards lights
and i just do this they like run by me
here or whatever and i come over here
oh shoot no one’s here the problem is
potentially that you were running the
wrong way

if you were running away from the lights
med bay which like i’ve mentioned in my
polis video
round one the most common thing i see
almost every game is lights go out and
someone dies
to the right of this near near the
so running the wrong way so here here’s
but here’s the the catch and this this
again like i said all of these
nothing’s guaranteed but someone else
who might do this is a
very new player who doesn’t really
understand how the game works yet they
don’t know the lights are out and you
should go fix it so you can see
which sounds silly but if it’s your
first few games maybe you don’t and
that’s completely understandable
also some extremely advanced players
some really
like uh veteran
crewmates might come this way to check
for a dead body
so again like like with everything else
on this on this tips and tricks list
nothing here is one hundred percent but
i think i mentioned it in my polis fit
as well someone coming up this way with
the lights out is a bad look even if
you’re a crewmate it just makes you seem
really sus
so it’s something to keep in mind so
running the wrong way
from a sabotage is not great i mean
like i said it could be okay but it’s
not gonna look good if someone sees you
i’m glad in this video i had more energy
than my video i made on the scaled but i
appreciate like
again i know i keep saying it but i
appreciate all the love on everything
especially the among us stuff
thank you everyone thank you for all the
subs all the likes all the comments
i appreciate all of you you’re the
reason i’m continuing to make videos on
among us

this video was highly recommended in
both the comment sections of those
videos and my discord where i ask for
pretty consistently so if you want to
help me decide what to make next
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but yeah i’ll keep this one on the
shorter side i know the other ones that
were fairly long i’ll try to keep this a
little bit shorter
uh so that’s going to be it for me for
now thank you for watching
i hope to see you in another video and
until then see you soon


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