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12 Advanced Tips & Tricks That ONLY Pros Use! 

hey guys so for this Tips i’m going to
show off 12 advanced tips and tricks
that will always work against your
before you say anything no i am not
click baiting you these tricks are
seriously that good
all of them are new in chapter 2 season
4 and all of them i learned from top
tier pro players they include broken
phasing tricks overpowered box fighting
techniques and even some insanely useful
ways to rotate in scrims
as per the format i’ve said it like 500
times already
i’ll show what the trick is how to do it
why it works as well as an in-game
example from the pro player i learned it
anyways with all of that being said
let’s get right on into these techniques
up first are two insane strategies to
get inside your opponent’s box with the
new season for mythic abilities
alright so for this trick you’re gonna
need dr doom’s mystical bomb
it’s this one where when you charge it
up you have this giant bomb that
destroys everything and lights stuff on
this ability does 300 damage to
structures meaning it destroys almost
everything except
metal as you can see the metal survived
with 200 hp
why this is useful though is that you
can charge it up break straight into
your opponent’s box and you only take
one damage
that was a little more since i caught on
fire here it is again with brick and as
you can see i’m only gonna take one
and break straight through it so this is
what it looks like from your opponent’s
they’ll be inside their box hear you
charging it up and no matter what they
you will get inside of it and only take
one damage then the other mythic ability
that is pretty similar
uses the silver surfer ability like this
all you have to do is walk straight in
front of the wall
make sure you’re hugging it like the
crash pad trick and then just use a
silver surfer ability
and you’ll go straight through their
fully built metal for a nice shot
i don’t know what he’s doing again from
your opponent’s pov they’ll be inside
trying to defend against you but there’s
nothing that stops you
here’s mr savage beautifully using the
silver surfer trick
next up is a 200 iq way to use
portaforts which yes if you did not know
are back in the game
like i was saying all you need for this
is a portafort the trick
is to aim the portafort at your
opponents one by one they’ll be inside
holding their wall
and as you can see it’s gonna build
around me and take their wall which i
can edit
place a ramp in edit it back mongo
easy kill what you’ll notice if i try to
do it at full speed
is that you kind of have these annoying
tires in the way which might bounce you
so what you can do instead is turn to
your right throw it the same way
and this time you actually have a room
to work with you could even turn around
and do it that way you already have this
edit made
there are a lot of different options you
have this is what it looks like from
your opponent’s perspective
no matter how long and hard i try to
hold my wall
i lose it every time no matter what it
is a broken strat
last thing i wanted to say is that you
can pretty much use this strat from
i saw one guy throw it at a two by one
like this run inside of it
and then because the ramp replaced the
guy’s conan floor he just edited down on
the dude and killed him
i’ve also seen people do this from the
top of a one by one the possibilities
are pretty much
endless check out reddit user jojo
awesome using this technique from the
top of a one by one to kill his opponent
on the bottom
fourth on my list is the best and really
the only counter there is to getting
boogie bombed
as i’m sure all of you know by now
boogie bombs are insanely broken
once you get boogie bombed you can
literally not do anything and any good
player will be able to kill you
i guess kazaki’s not a good player the
way to counter getting boogie bombed is
to just spam your crotch pad button as
you can see
once i get boogie bombed i can still
crash bad by just spamming my space
and i can keep going really far away to
get away from my opponent
one more time all you need to do is just
spam space
you cannot shoot as you do it you cannot
do anything because you’re technically
still boogie bombed however
you can get away from your opponent
which is extremely important and very
because by the time you do all that you
should be out of your boogie bomb and
you’re able to fight back
speaking of boogie bombs trick number
five is a really simple way to always
boogie bomb your opponents
this technique like i said is very very
simple all it is
is just baiting out your opponent to
make an edit or just to come out of
their box
i shoot this way my opponent thinks i’m
fighting someone he opens up
i boogie bomb him box him up
i’ll shoot this way my opponent will
hear it come out
boogie bomb him for free box him up wait
for him to jump
and easy kill i feel like people forget
that you can just box up your opponents
it’s almost like little peace control
and they cannot do anything
except just jump and accept their fate
so i’m in my box in the middle of a
scrim i hear my opponent shooting i want
a third party because
that’s who i am and i unfortunately
suffered the consequences of it
shout out to my boy mr milano who i
learned it from with this clip from
rogue shark
sixth up is a new crashpad technique
that i can almost guarantee
none of you have ever seen before by now
if you guys do not know how to use crash
pads to get into boxes then i honestly
don’t know what to tell you
you have this one where you stand right
in front of a wall you throw it above
and it sends you straight into your
opponent’s box and it sends you straight
into your opponent’s box for a kill
then there’s also this one where you
place a cone or ramp on top of your
opponent’s box you aim your crash pad
towards the bottom of the structure
jump up that will send you straight into
their box the same exact way
the new crashpad technique is when your
opponent is above you like this
you can see he’s right there all you
have to do is place a ramp
next to where your opponent’s floor is
see how they are aligned
then aim your crash pad at that ramp and
it will break your opponent down
for an easy shot as well as a finish
clean up an easy kill
and the best part is that you don’t
actually have to force yourself into
their box
you’re bringing your opponent to you

this technique also works if your
opponent is in fully built metal i know
that’s not fully built but the floor
is build the ramp to the side aim it
right here
boom they come down and you can get a
kill all your opponent will be thinking
about is the fact that they’re safe that
there’s no crash pad techniques that
they have to worry about since you’re
below them
when out of nowhere boom
they are dead here’s my second favorite
pro player to roast bbg yonkel perfectly
putting this move to use

more than halfway through we have
another phasing trick this time with a
the way this trick works is that you
have your opponent in a box in front of
i can see mr kazaki right there you’re
trying to get into his box but nothing
is working
so you need to pull out a phasing trick
the thing is you don’t want to just put
a ramp over your head because he’s going
to expect that
he sees it coming and that it’s out what
you can do instead
is get the wall really really low one
shot place the bouncer behind you
walk into it and break it as you go into
the bouncer you’ll go straight through
his wall and kill him like i just did
the hardest part about this is the
timing because if you go too late
you are not going to be able to go
through you want to break the wall
pretty much as you hit the bouncer
that way you go through even as they
hold it this is what your opponent is
gonna see
i got the zero ping he knows he cannot
take it
oh my gosh i have zero ping and he still
gets through it
if that’s not broken then i don’t know
what else is
shout out to faze martos for the clip
and crofty for the strat
tricks 7-9 are the best and most
efficient ways to rotate in chapter 2
season 4.
the first of the three rotation tricks
i’m going to show involves shock waves
which i have right here
as well as bouncers which are probably
the best rotation item you have
outside of shock waves of course what
you want to do is box up
just like you would be in an end game or
a mid game of a scrim or tournament
you then want to get inside of a cone i
know it’s weird but just do it
after that you want to place a bouncer
and while the bouncer is going
you want to place a shock wave and it
will send you incredibly far
how long was that 100 meters oh my gosh
beware the bouncer will get destroyed if
you do not do the shockwave right away
you can see after about three or four
seconds it goes away
all that means is you gotta be quick
with the shock wave i was not quick
enough that time
so say i’m in fncs i gotta rotate get in
a cone
place it throw my shockwave and i am
all the way to the half and half zone
without a launch pad
and speaking of reasonable rotations
this one is pretty much the same exact
except this time you’re pulling out the
crash pads
everyone loved these last season because
all you had to do
was edit a cone like this throw the
crash pad and you would go pretty darn
that’s about a 37 meter rotation pretty
solid especially for solo end games
however with launch pads out we need
something much
better to make us go much farther so the
big difference this time is that you
want to edit the floor like this and
then you want to edit the cone in
whichever direction you want to go
that would be straight this would be
diagonally to the right this would be
diagonally to the left
and again what you do is get inside the
cone like a weirdo i’m going to place
down the bouncer
throw the crash pad and that is gonna
send me really really far
53 meters much better than the normal
crash pad one
just please do not forget to edit these
up because if you do not
you’re just gonna go nowhere and
everyone will spray at you and kill you
and you’ll curse me out wondering why
you died well it was because you did not
listen to me
the third and final rotation trick is
yet another one
with my boy the shock waves for this one
i guess you should be in a box
this one you could use a two by one
because you need a ramp
i did not have bouncers and i need them
with the ramp that you placed inside
your two by one put a bouncer on it and
what you’re gonna do with the shockwave
is throw it right as soon as you bounced
off of it so i’m gonna aim it around
here the bottom of the ramp
that way when i come off of it i get
this crazy far rotation
81 meters this one is awesome because
you can do it with numerous people
say you’re in a trio like chap did just
get all three people
throw it that way you bounce off and all
of you can rotate
solid 86 meters as a trio that is crazy
considering there’s no launch pads
and yes this does work with the wall i
just did it with a ramp
because it’s a little easier 115 meters
that’s because i was high up
still pretty insane check out this clip
from martas as he shows how versatile
these bouncer rotations truly are
as i’m sure all of you know by now
mainly because i made like three videos
on this tactic
you can actually explode fishing holes
with the boat missile
i missed and that will give you three
items of loot i got two snipers
a flopper however there are a few other
things you can use it with that do not
just include boat missiles
this trick also works with dr doom’s
arcane gauntlets i just gotta aim it at
the fishing hole
and boom i get three items of loot
you’ll probably end up with no fishing
because you just destroyed them all well
what about if you do not have the arcane
if you do not have a boat what you can
do is throw a crash pad
at the fishing hole and that will
explode it even in the storm it works
so if you guys do not have a boat and
you want to utilize this broken strategy
just get dr doom’s arcane gauntlet or a
crash pad
because both of them work just like a
boat missile
second to last technique is a reminder
of the shock wave trick that i showed
last season
what you do is you set up two tiles away
from your opponent’s box
that’s the one we’re gonna face into
build a wall in front of you
take out your shockwave grenade and aim
it for the center of the wall and that
will send you perfectly into their box
for a nice and easy kill no matter what
your opponent does they can hold the
wall on zero ping like i am you are
going to get straight into their box
here’s the proof
before i forget you can also do this
from the top to replace their cone and
you just have to build three tiles away
not two
place a wall at the end and set up in
between the third and second floor tile
once you aim the shock wave at the
middle of the wall
it will send you right over their box
which you can replace with your own
conan floor
edit it open i fell down and get a nice
this method is a lot safer but it
requires a lot more time
and strategy final trick is arguably the
most 300 iq strat ever that i learned
from the most handsome gamer in the
liquid 72 hours i showed this in my
mouse review video that i did on the
final mouse ultralight 2
but i feel like not enough people saw it
basically what the trick is
is that if you hold out your cone i can
place my cone anywhere
and then i place it over one of my
opponent’s cones i can actually figure
out which cone they are hiding under
it’s this one because there is a lock on
it if i go to any other one
there’s like an arrow with a little
circle while this one
which i know he’s hiding in has a lock
sign that lock sign just means that
they’re holding the edit this is the
best way to find out which cone your
opponent is hiding under
just take out your cone and look for the
lock sign there he is
look at the little guy in there here is
energy benji fishy using it to pick up a
free kill
overall guys those are 12 advanced tips
and tricks for fortnite chapter 2 season
all of them i learned from pros so
credit goes to them these are some of
the best and most useful techniques and
strategies you can find let me know down
below which was your favorite as well as
any i left out
on top of that if you enjoyed the video
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using codejerion i appreciate all of you
so so much
for the last time i swear i will not say
it anymore it is code jarion
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otherwise that’s it for me and i will
see you guys in the next one

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