Glorious Hours of FALL GUYS

let’s go
you know the back of that ninja does
just a little bit oh
like slipped through
so there’s a reference i need to share
my character’s name is the naked volcano
you’ll understand what i’m talking about
good position here looking pretty pretty
i think i chose poorly
you know what patience is a virtue
son of a gun man you know i shouldn’t
just wait just wait just wait
oh that was close you wanna rumble what
that’s a new skin
yeah you better ron come on
haven’t seen that one
hold on i gotta pull up my thing here so
the notifications uh worthless
thank you for the five dollar donation
ryan and noel thank you for becoming
oh that’s hot that’s hot coffee
put what i know about the new update in
but there’s a new mini game
so that you don’t get the the bad mini
that’s what i heard anyways
but i’m not totally sure
money and stuff
in my opinion but
i don’t know what the minigame is though
guys we’re about to get eliminated just
olive bandit thank you for the two
member ryukar
also a link
green button
i didn’t even try to move
boy no no get away from me
it’s an olympic game of grab butt
i not get him right there
back here
that guy’s impossible i gotta move on
like oh oh sabotage
we’re losing we only have three tails
we’re doing all right we’re hanging in
i don’t know how i still have my tail

no give it back give her give it back
i’m gonna be
it’s still in overtime oh my god
why doesn’t it ever end
olive thank you for becoming a youtube
wow we are winning we are winning son
oh slime climb we got the slime
hey michael thank you so much
oh dude he pulled me back into the pack
i should have went around i should have
it was my mistake

i’m waiting for the epson chat
member very much appreciated
all right guys
all of us i don’t want anybody to know
you know the uh
wow we are in the pack here

all right
this is clean oh okay
i’m winning now i need w’s in the chat
everybody grabbing each other at the end
hey stupid pineapple i’m the naked
don’t mess with me
all right i better get out of here paul
dollar donation enjoy life with the five
yen through super chat thank you so much
i love seeing people from all over the

um mr dojo thank you for becoming a
there’s too much w spam in the chat
ban everybody so that the chat can be
will i play minecraft again
i haven’t played minecraft in a while
minecraft but there might be like a cool
you bought this game and no one around
with all your friends on the internet
oh god it’s orders i’m not good at this
all right here we go
even deny it
get it in
get it back get it back get it back get
get it back get up go up the hill
no one
and i still got it man i still got it
all of you red guys oh yeah it’s deep
there’s a lot of balls back here oh no
i just got to get in the pack here i
oh that was a good one that was a good
one keep it going
keep it going keep it going
dude yes no it’s come on come on get
that one
save nope nope nope we just got
by like this much by that blue by that
ball going into the blue zone
we got eliminated i’m disgusted
i’m disgusted right now
that freaking game man all right let’s
try it again
one thing i like about this game is that
starts quickly like you just dive right
back in there’s no lobby
there’s just like here we go let’s start
a new one
what about hollow knight
i know what you mean i gotta get back to
hollow knight it’s on my list i will say
though since you guys are here for the
live stream
i guess if you watch the vod afterwards
too i do have a
new game coming on sunday
how do i how do i give a hint without
completely spoiling it
hollow knight is the hint but it’s not
hollow knight
that’s the hint
didn’t build anything cool in minecraft
bro what about what about uh
i forgot what i called it what about my
fortress bro i had a fortress
i seriously can’t remember what i called
it another
my floating nether fortress
oh wait i built a mushroom house in
i did that too i can’t believe i forgot
i didn’t think about that first
whoa what a boost
i know the bar for building stuff in
minecraft is pretty high though so
i understand am i in first in the stupid
running through the door game all that
mario maker pick a door paid off baby
i don’t think i’ve ever gotten first in
that one
that comment was awesome can you all
stop screaming i’m trying to introduce
that’s great i saw you though consider
yourself introduced

how often do i check twitter i check
twitter fairly frequently you have a
fall guy art yo
share it on twitter yeah share it on uh
share it on my twitter and or tweet it
at me and also share it on the real car
sub reddit those are my two
but i’m excited to see it
gabe thank you for the five dollar
donation and 91 thank you for becoming a
youtube member paul h gaming peter thank
you for the the
stuff as well corbin thank you for
becoming a youtube member i very much
appreciate it
if you are a youtube member you can use
uh custom emotes in the chat don’t
forget about those
you can spam some cool emotes instead of
spamming f
which makes me feel bad we killed that
cactus dude
that’s awesome
maybe we can maybe we can get an f in
chat for that cactus instead
instead of me hey look at this guy he
looks kind of cool
i’ve never seen that color pattern
before this yellow guy right here
whoa no no
how did i die there i did not realize
like it was steel
oh i want to check that out then i
wouldn’t be the naked volcano anymore
whoa that color is freaking dope though
guys we don’t talk about that death
just think about the cactus let me try
this color
um gabe thank you for the five dollar
super chat jubilee thank you for the
super chat as well very much appreciate
it thank you so much
i don’t think i’ve ever died on that one
before i couldn’t i couldn’t believe
that happened
i didn’t think i was on the edge that
level 22 goes full hot dog
hello brian hello ricardo
hello noted hello billabon from india
oh man i can’t believe i fell off the

i can’t believe it man
can be the water volcano
yo zakwada thank you for becoming a
member very much appreciated
oh my god i’m the only one not going the
right way
dude that was a sick belly flop right

um oh it didn’t pop up yet
and 91 thank you for becoming a member
thank you so much
no it’s not castlevania um yes i did
play getting over it
there’s a full playlist on my channel
just type a ryu car
getting over it into youtube
what’s up james thanks for watching
yo jubilee thank you for the super chat
so one of the
neat things about youtube is people
donate and there’s so many different
currencies from all over the world
and i’m gonna be honest there are quite
a few of them
that i do not know
but it’s always interesting to read them
and see them
okay well this one got us last time it’s
redemption round
her revenge is some some call it
some might say
whoa that was a good shot
dude we got a lot of balls but there’s
still a minute left so it really doesn’t
mean anything
you got to get your balls in deep like
real deep
so they can’t get them out easily
get it deep get it deep
dude we’re doing really well so far
that guy’s like white i can’t even tell
what team he’s on i gotta look at his
never oh
look as a red guy get him out get him
out of here so many balls
five to zero we have so many
this is crazy
we have six we have almost all of them
we have all of them oh we had all of
them for a second
i think we’re good right
wait overtime because oh because they’re
so technically we could still lose
there it is
nice it’s awesome
karma for killing the cactus guy

when check gets auto modded for quoting
the streamer
that’s that’s a tough life
oh i want to play the new game i want to
get to the finals too
because i don’t want the stupid tail
we haven’t made it to the finals yet i
gotta step up my game here you guys
i’m getting bodied not gonna play the
fruit shoot which is never good

oh god that guy was in my way no
get up get up you’re not trying oh we’re
in a bad spot here
this is not a qualifying position
that was clutch going around that
watermelon everybody else got stuck
this could be the the deal
sealer for me baby oh yeah
oh yeah okay we made it i think we might
make it to the finals finally um
can you share fan art on instagram you
can yeah you sure
you certainly can just tag me in it
but if you have if you have some fan art
you should totally share it on the
subreddit that’s probably
probably one of the best places to do it
subreddit or twitter

hey patrick hexagon let’s go i’m not
looking at chat
i gotta focus i’m putting on my
headphones all the way
i’m not looking at chat i’m gonna let
you distract me
here we go this is for you this is for
the cactus
that we killed never forget
okay that felt like bad luck but we’ll
deal with it
we’ll make it work

yes that’s for you youtube i won that
one for you
oh my goodness i did not think i was to
win that one
that one was very sloppy

oh man
p3f alien thank you for becoming a
member of philia thank you for the 5
super chat joseph thank you for the
super chat rain man for two dollars
thank you so much everybody for the
donors and the

if you thought that was an epic gamer
moment be sure to hit that thumbs up
button on the live

i was looking at my chat on my phone and
i realized it was like a hundred miles
the actual chat so if i like reply to
just ridiculously obnoxiously late like
that’s why that happened
just to let you know
just uh just to let you know
all right that’s cool we broke the ice
like we took away the pressure you get
the first win
and uh takes away the pressure so now we
can just win every game now

um hello arthur from brazil how you
doing nice to see you
i’m the fall guy technically if you win
you’re the only guy who didn’t fall
so you’re not the fall guy
so one of the biggest changes in the
update that i’m aware of that
i mean besides they added a new game
which i haven’t played yet which i’m
hoping we get to see today
um is i heard they revamped the lodge or
the uh
the games you get at the very end so
you’re more likely to get a good one
like hexagon
or fall mountain instead of the stupid
tail game but i don’t 100 know
the details of that
oh my god no stupid hot dog
stupid hot dog you’re tilting at the
wrong direction
i need a new name now i’m not the naked
volcano now i’m the naked
i don’t know what i am naked blue steel
oh my god i thought i could make that
my wolf went down come on dude
come over here please
oh this is just great oh this is just
great man oh come on come on
oh god no guys come over here please
this is terrible i can’t even go
oh oh oh oh
no if i jump i’m pretty sure i’m gonna
there it is there it is get it get it
get it
just yesterday i was talking about how
see-saw always treats me kindly and now
i’m getting
dominated by seesaw every time
blue thunder i like that
it’s pretty good uh shuba hadook thank
you for the super chat
this comes out on switch while i play it
on there or stick on pc
um i will definitely stay on pc
um rjj thank you for the
200 yen thank you so much shout outs to
eric states thank you for the five
dollar super chat
thank you so much um happy birthday
son of paul
catherine in ponage thank you for the um
super chats oh i would love to do more
taiko is amazing absolutely
still got to beat megalovania on extreme
i don’t know why it’s so entertaining
grabbing people at the finish line
shout out to all the brazilian fans
absolutely what’s up brazil
we see a lot of people from brazil it’s
really awesome
uh currently i don’t have any plans to
play geometry dash but it’s a fun game
it’s a fun game for sure
hello spider
um i am playing on the computer using an
xbox one
greetings from south africa from

more brazil a lot of brazil
a lot of brazil oh we got
this freaking game i hate this game this
game’s the worst
oh i need to pay attention banana
okay we’ve got orange
watermelon grape orange watermelon
grape apple orange
watermelon grape apple orange watermelon
grape apple orange watermelon
dude that guy dove that was nuts
grape orange
uh cherry watermelon
grape orange cherry
watermelon grape orange cherry
watermelon grape orange cherry
grape orange grape orange
push them off dang it
i’m trying to kill people it’s not
okay can we all agree that’s like the
worst minigame
it’s it’s up there or should i say down
it has definitely one of the worst
belgium what’s up belgium
why is it not on xbox i don’t know i
don’t know
dale’s thank you for becoming a youtube
member and slap me gaming thank you for
the 150 super chat
the pennsylvania pickle cardstand never
heard of that
yeah i think everybody’s in agreement oh
it’s the ring game
oh i’m really really bad at this one
wait for it stalk your prey
i got it i got it i got it i thought
that other guy jumped before me but
somehow i got it
oh no no that was heartbreaking
oh scheister
i got it guys don’t worry
okay i’m gonna say up front this one i’m
pretty on the fence about as well
i find this one very difficult
come on there’s gotta be one here soon
no there it is
man we’re losing like so badly

no i don’t want to get eliminated in the
stupid ring game ah
try i tried to get it dude
got that one uh we need some big money
i need some big money i need some gold
oh i disagree sir i definitely got that
one first
oh my teammate got it dude we’re losing
no no no no no no no no no no
no we’re losing so badly
oh my god it’s all over there’s no way
there’s no freaking way we win this
oh no
oh come on oh i got a big one
it’s not enough it’s not enough it’s not
you guys saw that right i definitely got
it first
what do you guys think about that
minigame what’s your opinion on that one
oh and i’m curious what you guys think
about that one

i just want to thank you all for being
here this is awesome we’ve got over 7
000 people watching
hope you’re all having a great day thank
you for tuning in
much love to y’all
legendary person thank you for the super
let’s see what people think gives you
anxiety pretty good good effort
meh like loops fun yellow team curse
kind of bad fun but not the worst
seems unfair doesn’t seem bad annoying
it’s all right too much rng
you just need to wander and not wait
you just have to be good
first time whirlybird today
hello flavio personally i’m loving this
and uh you know a lot of people are
playing this
you guys know the mario maker
multiplayer scene is a little bit
buggered not exactly what we wish it was
so this game
while it’s it’s no mario it’s
this is great it’s super fun
it’s really freaking fun and i am
enjoying it quite a bit
i’m stuck in a death loop i’m stuck in a
death loop
a death loop a dust loop a dust loop
okay those guys look like shy guys right
from behind
it’s tripping me out
okay we’re like way back here i gotta be
let me try the trick someone said run up
the left and then
dive that did not work for me at all
no no no no no
this is the troll this is the troll spot
right here
where you block people

oh my gosh amazing that’s so funny
yo abbey pie thank you for the super
chat thank you so much
um alex thank you for the super chat
dark fork thank you for the super chat
shout out to your kids thank you for

jack donates five dollars and says do
you take your youtube career into
when you style your hair and beard
trying to think about an honest answer
to that question

isn’t that awesome isn’t that awesome
in the whirly bird it’s really fun
silver thank you for becoming a youtube
member anissa woods thank you for
becoming a youtube
member thank you so much i appreciate
it’s awesome

did i encounter cheaters yet i have seen
hackers i know this patch addressed
hacking i don’t know if it solved it but
i know they’ve been working on it
dang it try to get that freaking golden
okay i am getting sabotaged by my own
teammates here
defense time here we go don’t push me in
so the key to defense is like just
seriously just like jumping on their
when they come up here
just don’t let him up man just knock him
uh we’re like barely we’re like tied
this sucks
lucy met so many
this guy’s trying so hard to get out of

get out give me my stuff back
give it back give it back give it back
give it back oh no no we got out
we’re winning though we’re beating red
team now by a decent amount
it’s all about the defense
no like i got through my defenses but
then the thing kicked it back in
nice that was awesome
uh no this is not one of the new update
games i haven’t gotten to play the new
update game yet
hopefully we get it

hello dennis
jump club
isn’t the new one like similar to jump
i can’t remember this is not the new one
isn’t it kind of like this one
i didn’t realize you can actually run
faster than the red thing
well probably not for long at least i
was able to maybe not anymore
this one’s a little bit
anxiety inducing because if you get
underneath the red one when the green
one comes by you’re totally screwed
so i feel like you just never want to be
underneath the red one
god whoa
i’m hit i’m getting bodied yeah
stop pushing me oh dude i should have
died there holy moly
hey phosphorus welcome to youtube the
youtube stream
there are a couple of them that could
probably be uh buffed a little bit
to be a little more difficult just a
little bit
oh it’s tiptoe god this one is
a trip
would i recommend it yeah it’s fun super
for sure up controller hog dano thank
you for the 10
super chat thank you so much
bold move sir with your blind dives
yo we in there are we going to the
are we going to the finals though
is the finale at hand i don’t
know leopold thank you for the 5 super
chat william thank you for becoming a
youtube member
thank you so much

chris kalatrella with the 15
super chat thank you so much we got fall
mountain i am not good at this one
i won it once
i do not know if we will get that lucky
dum dum dum
chris thank you for the 15 thank you so
hello dr m
really from that little fall
surely you just sir
no i’m choking
so close dang it dang it
that guy on the other side man

can i get can i get a second place
can i get a second place trophy
please ah
are we gonna level up
yay we leveled up we got a hot dog
got a stinking hot dog
all right let’s queue up

i blew it by getting hit at the end by
getting hit at the end there i blew it i
would have won
i blew it though anissa thank you for
the five dollar
super chat favorite phrase is hot
garbage that’s awesome
well tomorrow’s video you will most
certainly enjoy
if you like that phrase
thank you controller hog i appreciate it
yeah ggs ggs that was definitely tails
just let you guys know i do have another
sonic 2 video coming
but i’ve been pushing it back just
because uh
there’s been some priority stuff
probably next week so sonic fans can
oh wrong way wrong way
get up get up stop flipping stop doing
now is not the time for flippies
get off of me get off of me
barely um ash thank you for becoming a
youtube member thank you so much
thank you thank you thank you how long
is the stream going to be for a little
a little bit longer still
well guys is the new priority hey you
got a strike when the iron is hot
i have not finished the uh lego thing
yet i still need to make the
the tv
hello jan
yeah this is a live stream i probably
should have said that at the beginning
i usually do that at the beginning of
youtube live streams i’m like
by the way this was recorded live so if
you’re watching it afterwards
because most people will watch it
afterwards so it’s always a good idea
for me to say that but i totally forgot
this time
i think they’ll figure it out though
maybe i did say something i don’t know
what i said

deep in the enemy base they have a lot
of balls
we must extract
that was a really good hit
whoa whoa whoa whoa get that one nice
send it back send it back get it out get
it get it deep get it indeed we need
we only have one ball dudes come on
you’re killing me
i can’t handle another loss in this game
that’d be the second one today
i’m going to the red side
ah crap this is not good
we have zero we have zero zero balls
what are we gonna do
um well we’re tied with blue you know
what i’m gonna go defend this one
because wait wait wait oh that was so
yes qualified with one ball
oh okay cool i was not expecting that
hey ryan
how many wins in total uh maybe eight
spitballing seven eight ish

that one’s a hard one i’ve i struggle
with that one
i like the uh the soccer one with the
ball ball but that one is tough
christian thank you for the 11 super
chat thank you so much really really
appreciate it
keita thank you for becoming a youtube
apex legends uh no plans apparently
i’ve never played apex
excuse me gentlemen
i wonder if they nerfed going up on top
with a patch
they probably fixed it
whoa it’s different
whoa they changed block party those guys
got wrecked
it’s so different it’s completely
holy moly man holy moly it’s so
this is awesome
that was not awesome
excuse me excuse me excuse me stop
knocking me over please please pretty
i just i just wanna just wanna
i can’t jump i can’t jump i’m stuck i’m
i’m just frozen i’m just frozen
what was i supposed to do

i’ve never seen that layout ever and the
entire time of playing
that formation that seemed pretty new
but then it went back to normal absurd
thank you for the 10
super chat thank you so much
yeah that one’s super janky you just get
stuck you get trapped on the thing and
like you can’t move like even though
you’re standing you still can’t jump
it’s really
bizarre did they lower the amount
of times you get slime climb because i
have not seen that as much
and i used to see it like every single

time i feel like
absurd reference thank you for the 10
super chat thank you so much
no i was so close let me through let me
oh god
i’m really far behind but i think i’m
good enough
yeah it should be good holy freaking
um i would like to check out hello
neighbor 2 again it just depends
you know that game is pretty
ridiculously awful but funny
at the same time
hello amp for life how you doing

i need to finish paper mario i got
pretty deep like 70
but i kind of like fell off the wagon so
i don’t know if i’m gonna get back to it
and finish it
um i do need to get more call of duty
going yeah i’m overdue
i’ve got some fun ideas for it too just
been super busy but i would love to get
back to it

terraria is on my finally played series
so there’s a chance
you know what they should add to this
game to make it more interesting they
should add like
flying hazards that you have to dodge or
jump over
that’d be epic orange watermelon
wait orange watermelon banana orange
watermelon banana
i just copied everybody else
i was not looking for jerry’s thank god
hold on wait i gotta look uh grape
watermelon wait grape apple
watermelon grape watermelon
grape cherry i forgot already crab
grape cherry yeah yeah
push that guy off
i want to try pronouncing paulo
wait pato
it means toast and finish
fatou lipa they say right

slime climb okay last time i played
slime climb i died immediately let’s
let’s not let that happen again
okay forget the shortcut too risky
get knocked over going for the shortcut
you’re basically
done whoa
i knew i wasn’t gonna make it i have
i have so many regrets
what is he doing why is he flipping you
crazy guy
glad that didn’t knock me off
oh that cheeseburger got super lucky
oh that cheeseburger didn’t get too
lucky right there
i better get in here there’s only 15 to
alicia thank you for the 2 super chat
thank you so much
really appreciate this it
guy’s my new favorite game i’m enjoying
it the most right now you know but
they’ll have to keep updating it to keep
it fresh
for sure

um i think it’s a really great amazing
game the engine and
the idea the art all that is super super
but for me they’re gonna have to keep
updating the mini games and fixing
issues and listening to community
feedback which they’ve done a pretty
good job of so far
so we’ll see how it goes
yo e systems is coming in mr joe angel
with a 100
donation e-systems
mr joe angel thank you so much for the
100 donation man
much love my friend trying to entice
you all to go to the twitch streams
because he might gift you a sub
you dirty dog thank you so much man
you’re awesome
much love negan thank you for the two
dollar super chat thank you so much
i can uh personally vouch for
mr joe angel that he does gift an
extraordinary amount of subs so if you
do go to twitch
there is a real chance he might gift you


should have went the other way
yo i ain’t seen you stream on youtube
since the mario maker one days back in
life 2018.
cool to see you back here thanks for
doing what you do for us
right now
i couldn’t make it there was nowhere to
dang i was actually really happy with my
performance that time
but i feel like i just couldn’t couldn’t
do it
i got put in a bad place on the final
nowhere to go i was so close too
such a big jump
uh wait what was that the real propane
thank you for the 10 super chats
that’s awesome the 2018 mario maker
streams good times
thank you so much for the super chat man
the rehumanati it’s awesome
yo this is a really fun stream we’ve got
i’d say we got another good hour of
stream left
i got a good hour in me i think this is
super awesome so thank you all for being
here we’ve got
over 8 000 people in here so thank you
all for being here i hope you’re having
a lovely lovely day
and if you’re watching the vod on
youtube like yeah
what’s up hello
shout outs to the vod watchers as well
oh i don’t know if i can pronounce that
one snap games
how did the how did the troll win what
was he doing why was he a troll i didn’t
see it
oh my god help me please
that defied all logic and physics how
does he do that sometimes he’s like on
his back and he still doesn’t jump
it’s really weird let me through
oh god i might not qualify here
oh we’re good never mind
you’re from the future what can you tell
me about the future
hello toby
so the update they have a new game which
i still haven’t gotten to play yet
by the way
um they adjusted the logic so the end
game is not the tail game i don’t know
if they completely removed the tail game
from the
end finale but um they made it less
they also fixed a bunch of issues
and i think they changed the block party
game just a little bit
lee boy thank you for the 10 super chat
thank you so much
yeah i used to stream mario maker on
youtube every friday
shout outs to the folks who attended the
blind kaiser race every friday on
the luck is not strong with me today
oh he sat on me
it’s a cluster truck
oh my god i don’t know if i’m gonna win
this one go
go go go go go go go go go
oh thank god that’s close
wait is the new game a finale game
finale only
i don’t know if they still do the the
blind kaiser races on friday i’m not
to be honest i stopped doing them a long
long time ago mario maker one days
streets of rage never played it i heard

good things though i know the
yo big smash with the five dollar super
chat what’s up big smash
19 people on the fruit shoot
wow good start
it seems like everybody gets wiped out
in the beginning
maybe the strat is to wait a second in
the beginning
i was really close holy crap
we’re good that one gets me nervous
what’s up nick
well i know that one street’s a rage
i’m trying to think of it right now i
forgot what it’s called
but i i know i would know it for sure if
i saw it or heard it

okay what do we got what do we got are
we in the finals yet
nope block party i don’t think we got a
team game
did we this time
mighty beans i do not recall this fruit
shoot a hoot
you could say that
they’re trying to get up there but i
don’t know if you can do it anymore did
they nerf it
those guys were goofing off and they
paid the ultimate price man
i don’t want to be one of them man i
died on this freaking game last time
this time it’s this was a traditional or
no wait
no that’s different that’s a little
it seems like there are some little
changes of block party but i’m not i’m
not 100 sure
because before wasn’t it the same thing
every time and now it’s like kind of
different this one looks a little more
similar to the original
but there was one that one block i don’t
yo that was clean
i would say this part here is too easy
like does anybody ever die here
i’m probably gonna die for saying that
i think a ton of people just died by the
way a lot of people
holy crap
it was awesome
all right nice
that’s so awesome
all right we made it to the finals what
do we got i like hexagon
but i’ll take the new one too hexagon
all right we’ll take it
all right wish me luck


well well well let’s come down to this

that was awesome
roman thank you for the 20 super chat
thank you so much
very much appreciated thank you thank
you thank you thank you thank you
much love
oh baby

thank you for the gigi’s everybody
that was awesome that was a good one
master ninja i’m just gonna save my
stuff until i see a skin i really like
thank you all so much we’ve got 9 000
people in here today it’s so freaking
we’ve got a couple wins under our belt
what a great stream thank you all for
being here
very much appreciate the love
if you thought that was a pro gamer
moment be sure to hit that thumbs up
button i would really appreciate it
thank you so much
join the ryukar subreddit put some dank
etc etc thank you all for being here
much love
freaking awesome let’s keep playing
this is really fun
austin thank you for the 420 super chat
thank you
got two hexagon wins today so awesome
follow two shout outs to all the new
youtube members also
remember if you are a member you do have
custom emotes that you can use in chat
it’s not just a twitch thing
oh my goodness that hurt a lot
oh please have mercy let me through let
me through
let me through stop pulling me
i got greedy it’s my own fault i got
greedy i knew it i knew i wouldn’t make
all right i got some work to do if i
want to catch up
i’m going the hard way go big or go home
i always fall there i figure how to not
fall there
i could never get that one to work dude
whatever man i’m going this way
i better go i better go if i was further
ahead in the pack i would troll
oh this is really fun i love it
oh man
welcome to the stream turning panda
happy to have you here
negan thank you for the two pounds will
this stream be a video when it’s
finished yes it will be
this stream will be immortalized on the
youtube after
the stream is over and people can watch
later which is super cool you’re
subscribing thank you for the
subscription cl adventures oh yeah if
you’re new to the channel definitely
subscribe i would appreciate it
that’d be awesome i’d very much love
your subscription
means a lot goes a long way
to helping grow the channel
and uh yeah much love
thank you for reminding me that that is
a thing
oh god tail grab
oh man okay well i’ll take that thank
thank you very much i’m gonna hang out
with my buddy here
maybe i can blend into the other team
and they won’t see
it me work it didn’t work
give it back give it back
give it back yeah
my platforming prowess got me that tail
the jump corner jump
oh oh god i broke my back
ah they found me my ultimate hiding spot
does nobody go up here
whoa god leave me alone you freaking
no he was nowhere near me
i am filing an official complaint
with the fall guys development team
oh my god this is terrible
how am i not getting your tail dude
you’re right in front of me please give
me your tail
i would like your tail very much
how come everybody else can grab my tail
from a mile away but i can never get
i got it i got it yes i thought we’re
gonna lose
thought we’re gonna lose i don’t know
how much we won by i don’t care we got
it nice

all right heck yeah
is this ryu the car why yes it is
why yes it is

scramble do a countdown so you can play
with me i can i can try that next time
oh this time i’m just all the way on the
right for the camera
not even anything subtle about it
got a golden egg nice
two golden eggs that’s huge i’m thinking
about defending already
we got two gold eggs already nobody’s
going for our eggs yet though
wow whatever
i’m defending blue guy is trying to make
out of here with our golden egg
no no no give it back give it back give
it back give it back give it back
give it back no no we got it
don’t let this guy get this one
that guy’s really struggling
dude that guy is not letting him get out
with the golden egg
gotta gotta love it he’s playing some
d blue team has zero points right now
outstanding keep up the fine work
gentlemen wow
got another golden egg
i don’t even have to do anything they
can’t even get up to the second floor
oh here we go little action oh give it
oh amazing get the golden egg
32 insane
wow that’s awesome
that’s some pretty hard d right there
uh natshester thank you for the
um becoming a youtube member thank you
so much
um just out of curiosity is anybody here
for the first time
ever like on my channel
and if so how did you how’d you get here
hello emma will there be more taiko no
absolutely absolutely
holy crap
there are a lot of new people here
that’s amazing

trying to like look at the responses but
i’m also trying not to die guys
no we lost we lost we lost you can’t die
that late
you can’t die that late
you can’t die that late dude you can’t
die that late no
there’s a lot of new people here that’s
awesome welcome new people
it’s great to have new people here i
can’t look at this i feel sick
i feel sick
if you are new welcome super stoked that
you’re here
i mean if you’re old too also
you’re here as well
but yeah i was just curious about the
new people
batter burrito thank you for the youtube
membership if you are new
particularly welcome you however
it’s nice to meet you i’m ryukar
and i play video games and occasionally
some as well sometimes i
assemble lego kits actually i only did
that one time but maybe i’ll do it again
i don’t know i don’t know you know
can i say your name it’s dutch duran
battered burrito thank you so much for
becoming a member
i keep getting like
oh never mind
i’m sorry i let you guys down in the
tiptoe game
but it’s not my fault
tails man just freaking tails
that freaking fox always sabotaging me
whoa go go go go go go go go get out of
my way
freaking bird get out of freaking daffy
duck here
that looks exactly like daffy duck do i
like fighting games um i really love
smash bros
but i haven’t played in a long time and
i was actually just thinking about that
how i would love to get back into it but
the problem with the smash bros
is that it has lag issues just like
mario maker
when you play online
so you know what i mean
you know what i mean
you get hit parade huh usually we get
this one first
ask people to like the video
bango i give you the honor of doing that
you may you may ask on my behalf
i i bestow i bestow this honor
oh god
i’m still on cool down from the last
time i
you asked only do it once every
20 minutes 30 minutes 25 minutes
the stream explodes whoa
holy crap
i’ve never fallen down there before i’m
not even kidding
oh i lost
wow that hurts
that hurts a lot
it makes me sad on a couple different
uh ashish thank you for the 40 super
chat thank you so much
really appreciate it
thank you
i just had a special food delivery
i got to make some room for this food
my desk is very messy i’m realizing
right now
i can’t believe i lost on that one i’ve
never lost actually let me show stream i
just got a
spring roll delivery from miss tammy
and there’s slime all over the plate
uh similar to
very similar to fall guys slime
looks amazing thank you
tammy has delivered us some delicious
some delicious spring rolls
man if you fall in that map that is very
punishing that’s crazy
i did not realize
how devastating that actually was
when those balls hit you they really
don’t do anything i just keep walking
hot dog has taken my first place status
no no oh
ragdoll physics no
well so much for first freaking hot dog
um i actually have already played secure
um i beat the game on twitch i did the
first video on youtube but then i
the rest of it on twitch
yo mcmurshmer just dropped a 50
super chat and said watch your videos
all the time but this is my first stream
i love watching your rom hacks your
videos help me relax you rock yo mick
mershmer thank you so much for the super
chat and the love and the support and
thank you for being here welcome to your
first stream
raj thank you for the two dollar super
chat have i played the four year mario
maker week four no i have not played
any of the four year mario maker levels
also mega taker thank you for the
youtube membership
matt thank you for the five dollar super
chat ashish thank you for the super chat
um so i have not played any of the four
year mario maker levels and i was
thinking about
um doing them all at once because
they’ve been
releasing them every week or something
i don’t know if they’re all out yet but
i was thinking about just waiting for
them all to be done
and then i can play them all do a video
okay last time i died on this one and i
didn’t even think it was possible to die
on this one
from falling off sideways or whatever
so i need to be more careful
gotta be super careful because last time
i thought i was totally good
and then i just fell and died
hello mr hot dog are you lost
because i am
what is going on with that guy who’s
like clipping through the floor
dude when that drops every time i’m like
yo this is sick
nice all right cool made it
dumb yeah i wanna i wanna do some co-op
play in the near future for sure i would
love to do that
what is included in the new update well
friend they have a new game which i
still have not gotten to play by the way
um they have revamped the finale to have
less of the stupid tail game

um they fixed some stuff like i think
you can’t cheese block party anymore i’m
pretty sure and maybe some other stuff
um what else
they changed i think they changed block
party a little bit unless
i had just never seen that variation
until today
but the biggest change that i was
excited for was that they reduced
the frequency of the freaking tail game
in the finale which was
the absolute worst finale game
that could have ever existed
so that was a good good fix one thing
i’m really like stoked about is how
responsive fall guys has been with uh
the community and listening to feedback
and all that stuff
which bodes well for the future if they
keep doing that that means that the game
will just keep getting better and better
we’ll see
plus i think a game like this they have
to keep changing like they can’t leave
it like this
i mean it’s good but it’s going to get
stale really fast they got to keep
evolving changing doing what needs to be
done to keep it fresh
oh my god i didn’t mean to jump right
there dude
oh my gosh
i think we’re moving on the finals
uh 13 i don’t know there might be a team
game actually
there might be a team game
fall ball okay i like this one
so i think uh
i mean they could introduce different
game modes one that’s more fun one
that’s more competitive
just two different ones like if you want
to play the fun one you do the fun one
if you want to play the competitive one
and maybe like the mini games are
wow i am crying right now there was no
one there
i mean i wasn’t there either so i can’t
really blame
wow okay i gotta get it together we can
still win this that is a really crappy
but it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine it’s
fine it’s fine it’s fine
i should have ran back to start i never
thought they would have scored just like
off the initial volley like that that’s

as much as i want to go on offense i
need to defend
and just hope my team can can do this
dude you’re scoring on us dude you
scored on us you scored on us
okay can i blame tails for that one
oh god this is gonna be hard to come
back from not impossible but
very difficult
ah it’s over dang it dude
we’re getting absolutely trashed
i don’t think we can come back from
before can we i mean maybe it’s very
unlikely though
especially with the team that we have
and i have to do defense the only option
dang nice shot dude oh that was close
that was close yeah we’re screwed dang
can’t come back from this
we will go down swinging though we’ll do
our best come on go
go dude you’re hitting it towards our
net man
freaking saboteur
five zip have you ever seen such a train
wreck have you ever seen such
a devastating sweeping defeat
have you ever seen such pain
i’ve never felt pain like this before

seven visa i’ve won what matches where
it’s been outnumbered so i know it can
be done

i i let a couple through that like they
had some good offense on the other team
but our team kept scoring on us so it
was really hard to
deal we had
i think two goals that were because of
our own teammates
scoring on us that was tough
i think we’ll go for a couple more
rounds this is super fun
i still haven’t seen the new game you
guys jordan thank you for the 10
super chat thank you so much jordan
really appreciate that love
you won 14-0 in that game last night
that’s insane i’ve never seen anything
like that before
i think uh so i almost always play
defense on fall ball
oh we got a hacker ladies and gentlemen
first hacker of the day
first hacker of the day so they do still
exist in the new patch
wow wow wow would you look at that
oh help i can’t see anything
i was just trying to end it all because
i didn’t want to play with the hacker
that’s what i was doing
i should probably bail though because
there’s no way i’m gonna win
unless he dies somehow because he goes
so fast he might accidentally
jump off a cliff
yeah that is the first hacker i’ve seen
today let’s see if he’s still in this

the thing is though
well i guess it depends like what he’s
capable of
if it’s uh just super speed that might
get him killed on a hexagon
but if he can like fly or whatever then
i’m screwed
yo sally thank you for the five dollar
donation very much appreciated janari
thank you for the
10 super chat it sounds too much like
copyright infringement
i would not know but that would be an
interesting plot twist
i don’t see the hacker anymore or he is
here he’s holding
ooh that was ballsy
is he still in here he might not be in
here anymore
yo clean see saw what up let’s go
let’s do it blue steel the naked steel
i don’t know why but this feels weirdly
with the
he already finished what he’s still in
here oh god you know what let’s keep
going i want to see how this plays out
i very much want to see how it plays out
oh god he’s still in here oh no he was
too fast we couldn’t even see him
all right let’s watch everybody else
struggle while i eat a spring roll
oh it’s over never mind that was quick
i want to see how this uh plays out very
what’s up turtles
i feel like that hacking would not work
very well in hexagon
or even in this one there are some mini
games i feel like that going fast would
not work out
smash ultimate is rolling out new
updates and they’re trying to fix the
lag really
dude if they fix the lag and smash i
might go back to it i love smash
like big time love smash big fan
always been a big fan but like when
ultimate came out it was

it was hard like every time i played it
was like mario maker was laggy all the
and just ultimately hard to enjoy but if
they fix it
i’ll definitely consider going back
dude i straight up jumped on his head
i’m standing on him
that’s crazy
i’m standing on him thank you very much
for your content
get out of here leave my golden eggs
alone just wanted to support you
leave my golden eggs alone especially
greetings from germany all right we’re
doing good so far
what how did they eat that out of the
thing like that that’s insane
that’s super insane that made no sense
how did you do that
are you crazy
i think we know blue team isn’t winning
all right we’re good
did the hacker get eliminated nice
fizzy number seven donating ten dollars
thank you so much for the love shout
outs to germany very much appreciated
thank you thank you thank you
we eliminated the hacker the hackers did
no chance

jump club all right
all right here we go here we go
i think if we win this one we’re going
to the finals
and this is such an awesome stream thank
you all for being here again
super awesome super nuts super fun
this is great
i don’t think i’ve ever done jump club
this late this is gonna be really insane
probably gonna get really fast
that actually wasn’t bad at all
the new one is jump showdown i haven’t
gotten jump showdown yet man
i want it i need it i must have it
only two people got eliminated are we
going to the finals
yo thank you zakra

fall mountain lame this one’s hard to
i’m gonna try my best though
oh that hit me that guy got hit too but
it didn’t really
do much to him crap i don’t know how i
was gonna dodge that one
what oh my god are you crazy i came out
of the sky
oh i’m done for not even close
ah dang it that is so hard
that thing lands right on your head man
i don’t even know how you dodge it
oh that hurt that hurt deeply
fall mountain is a tough one i’ve only
won that one one time
i like hexagon way better
oh he didn’t get hit on his screen like
i hit on mine
do you guys have any hot tips for that
because right now i don’t i do not know
how to do that well
it seems like they just land on your
face and it’s really hard to dodge
but there might be some like safe spots
maybe that i’m not aware of
yeah at least the hacker was defeated
that is true
yo thank you reuben
what do i have in the mind for the
future after fall guys
well you know there’s a lot of stuff on
the horizon i will say that

a lot of options um
there’s a lot there’s a lot of stuff
a lot of stuff a lot of diversity i’ll
put it that way
definitely the the awesome
like stuff that i always do but i’ve got
some ideas for
a lot of cool new stuff as well
flipped right over him dude that was
there is no after fall guys this is it
this is the end
the end of gaming the end of the world
in the universe
yeah let me know if they uh fix smash
lag i’ll do a video
fall guys for smash hey it’s not
impossible they still update smash
unlike a certain other popular nintendo
um i still stream league of legends on
twitch with sunny
but um i actually i have a video lined
up for youtube
um i’m not sure when it’s gonna come out
though it might still be like a week
week and a half
uh screwy thank you for the super chat i
want to hear my joke about construction
i’m still working on it

this guy’s all about the naked suit too
oh that guy
what you doing silly you’re not supposed
to go down there
whoa those guys are in it man
those people are like diving and doing
these huge gap jumps i’m just
that joke sounded very constructive
you’ve played smash semi competitively
for five years the current
internet fix isn’t that effective but
they plan to do more in the future
it’s pretty crazy that like man if smash
can’t be free of lag
it really says a lot you know
like if any game needs to be free of lag
it’s super smash bros
i gotta focus this one is freaking nuts

ah what do you do when that happens what
do you do i don’t know
go go go go go go
no please don’t push me oh it’s right
here it’s right here
i hate this game
what happened he did a little flippy
he did a little flippy i hate everything
oh my god that’s so ridiculous
oh it burns it burns deep
oh it burns it burns me so deep
oh it hurts
oh it hurts oh my gosh
ladies and gentlemen that is fall guys
for you that is uh
just how the cookie crumbles in this
game sometimes
so freaking insane
ragdoll physics man
i mean to my understanding the reason
that like mario
multiplayer like none of the nintendo
stuff works is because they do a lot of
stuff for online rather than just like
hosting their own
servers it’s my knowledge that is the
reason why which is pretty weird that
they don’t invest in like
good online multiplayer experiences
it’s strange they like they they don’t
invest and they don’t like acknowledge
to my to my knowledge they don’t
like the whole still like the i mean
that’s like the big difference right
like with
nintendo the whole internet is screaming
about how mario maker multiplayer is
but nintendo will never address it or
say anything
but with like fall guys they’re super
active and very
engaged with community which is amazing
which is what would be nice if they did
for mario maker 2 you know be awesome
hello nostalgic hello you enjoying the
reuse rex
that’s awesome yeah
sonny and tammy are doing a series
called reuse rex short for reeves
recommendations where i recommend mario
maker levels
that i think will be good challenges for
they’ve been really fun videos you type
reuse recs into youtube
they’ll come up
you bought the ninja hood on accident oh
no do they have refunds
a refund policy
there is a bit of truth to that surf
a sad truth marilla thank you for the
membership very much appreciated thank
you so much
yeah mario kart runs pretty well right
mario kart online
mark ready deluxe
speaking of mario kart dude where is
mario kart 9 i want it so badly
like i’m so ready for the next mario
i’m in don’t push me don’t push me let
me in let me in
no i was there first oh you can go
through the sides i didn’t know that
okay please don’t get knocked down
oh god oh no my
can i do this am i good
i think i’m good
cocainum thank you for becoming a
youtube member thank you so much
tier 2 youtube member even if you are a
youtube member i owe you
a member highlight video it’s been a
couple weeks
so i’m gonna try to get one of those out
pretty soon
yeah they’re focusing on mario kart tour
freaking mobile mario kart man
i want i want switch mario kart i mean i
know we have deluxe but i want mario
kart 9 dude
but the thing is mario kart 8 deluxe is
still selling like crazy
so they don’t really have a reason to do
mario kart 9 yet
but hopefully what that means is that
they’re just going to keep on working on
mario kart 9 behind the scenes to make
as amazing as possible for whenever they
do launch it i don’t know
maybe i should just try playing mario
kart 8 deluxe again maybe i’ll enjoy it
bring back the mario kart videos
come on on the left side you idiot dude
you’re sabotaging everything
rage go go go go go go
go go
we got it through pretty quick we got it
through pretty quick that’s good that’s
good i think we got it yep
very nice red team getting bald
do you guys remember like spikes from
back in the day on youtube

can i get a like spike
down okay down to 20. can we do it can
we make it to the finals please
here we go

super smash bros melee oh my gosh
i couldn’t go back to melee that game is
that’s it hashtag like spike that’s it
that brings me back about four years
we used to um well back in the day like
four years ago
or something
um during those times we were
i mean we’re still pretty unclear on
the effectiveness of liking the video
whoa we got the new one
we got the new one the cage huh did he
clip through the wall
what was that how did he do that what a
cheater man
maybe i just saw that on my screen i
don’t know
actually yeah we’re still pretty unclear
on the effectiveness of liking the video
i mean the idea is more like sequels
more like
it would increase the logical
outcome of more likes would be that
youtube would be like okay a lot of
people like this video
so therefore we should share it with
more people
but i know i think watch time is more
but i really don’t know it’s still kind
of a mystery
get off me hot dog
i like how he jumps off at the end
play it solea hit it oh we made it to
the finals what game is it gonna be
uh jj drip thank you for the three
dollar super chat thank you so much
very much appreciate it

jump showdown we got the new one
i’ve never played this one be the last
guy standing i don’t know how it works
oh god we got the new one
i’ve never played it i’m gonna die
how does it work
it shakes and falls oh
they just stood there i guess they
didn’t know how it works either
help oh my god
can you not do that good lord i almost

passed out
yes i killed him yes
yes hell yeah
can i get a hell yeah that is awesome
that is freaking extraordinary
okay cool
oh my goodness that is
awesome all right
rainbow water wanna check that out

look at that chat explosion that’s
amazing y’all are amazing thank you for
being here
friggin dope
that’s so awesome um michael

thank you
for becoming a youtube member i really
appreciate it
everybody this has been an amazing
stream we’ve had like 8 000 people
here the entire time it’s been off the
hook thank you all so much for being

what in what an amazing stream um if you
missed any of it
if you’ve missed any of the stream the
vod will be on youtube and you can go
back and watch the entire thing if
you’re interested in that
if i can leave you with one final piece
of advice it would be join the ryukar
subreddit also if you’re new to the
and you like the content definitely
subscribe i would really appreciate it
fall guys is great it’s allowing me to
reach out to a new audience and meet new
and yeah much love everybody i’m gonna
kill the stream
right there thank you so much for
um let’s see tomorrow is uh the finale
of the mario maker multiplayer video
so stay tuned for that i hope you enjoy

have a great day everybody
it was super fun harukik thank you for
becoming a member if you’re just joining
now you can go back and watch the vod on
um it will all be there michael thank
you for becoming a member all right
that’s it for me i’m signing off peace
out everybody
i’m gonna go eat some spring rolls

wait wait before i go
what new color did i get
which one did i just get
well i don’t even know what color i just
got do you guys remember movie star
oh rainbow water this one all right i’m
gonna equip my new in the new color here
all right see you later everybody until

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