My first tip is actually for
transport of heavy goods now moving
things around in her next sales can be a
bit of a bother
especially when you have over encumbered
inventory as you can see I’m very slow
and this is gonna get very old if I have
to go like this speed everywhere but
there is a hack on this if you get a
pair of daggers and then you kind of
line yourself up with the box across
that you want to put it in or the
container you want to put it in there’s
a special key for the dagger is control
for me on PC there you can do this flip
that will move you very far across and
as you can see two flips has gotten me
to the box I wanted to be it so now I
can transport all of my goods into this
with only two movements so that’s ideal
the only thing with this though you have
to be facing backwards to do this you
cannot face the other way around so you
do have to angle yourself pretty good
but it gets a drop down quicker than any
other move as well you could use the
sweep on the daggers as well but I find
this is way more it will take more
stamina to get where you want to be plus
the actual back flip does more coverage
than this so I tend to just like to use
the back flip because then you go you
can go all the way over really really
quickly and then you don’t have to be
sweeping around and hitting new frozen
etc you can just flip your way there so
there’s a really handy way to move heavy
objects incan and exhales without much
now the flow of press can be quite an
underrated thing but it’s actually
really important because it becomes
useful in many many ways the first way
I’m going to talk about if you have an
over later coal or a lot of coal in your
area you can actually put go in here and
make it into tar now if I was to grab my
coal from earlier and put it in here you
can see it slowly gonna make it into tar
so if I have lots of coal then I can
make it into something more useful like
tar so it’ll take 25 coal per one tar so
do the better and mind
a little bit expensive but if you’re in
a pinch then this is a good way to get
tar out really quickly another thing you
should be doing early game as well is
putting down fish traps and getting the
fish out of them this is because we can
now use it for a much more useful recipe
so if we are going to use the Fleur
press we can put in all of these fish or
just a couple of these fish to make oil
now oil actually burnt a lot longer than
coal and so does dry woods so this is an
easy way to get oil out of your useless
fish so you can just use the saver in
exotic or you can use the unappetizing
but usually you kind of want to save the
unappetizing fish to make occur in the
campfire fireplace or anything like that
but to give you an example if you were
to put in the unappetizing fish they
will give you one for one so that is one
oil per one appetizing fish so that is
very good for oil and then you have the
savoury fish will give you two or four
ten fish and then the exotic fish will
give you one all for ten fish so you can
see the unappetizing fish is the best to
grind in here but if you just have these
fish and you don’t have anything to do
with them then it’s good just to plow
them down into oil and then do your
thing with them and as you can see if
you do end up saving these an appetizer
fish you can burn it into a pour in here
which is used in a hell of a lot of
recipes and another thing with food
presses if you get useless things like
heads of creatures you can pop these in
the fluid press and it will give you
bones and blood and maybe some hide
sometimes as you can see I’m getting
I’m glad out of these so if I need it
for any kind of recipe or anything like
bone meal or blood sausage then I can
just grind them up and there you go you
got bones and blood to your disposal at
your own home my next tip is reduction
costs on crafting stations you might not
have thought that would be applicable
for this so if you were to use a armored
blacksmith or carpenter on a artisans
table they are going to reduce the cost
of whatever is in there so for instance
I have this very nice carpenter in here
right now and I want to craft something
really expensive the Volt without the
carpenter in there is very expensive as
you can see it’s gonna cost me 125 steel
reinforcements 150 hardened brick and 40
steel bars but if I was to get any kind
of tear carpenter or anything like that
for instance today I’ve got 84 then is
going to reduce the cost of this vault
by a really significant amount to the
point that you can craft two for one
though instead of 125 steel
reinforcements is now going to take you
62 instead of 150 hardened brick it’s
gonna take you 75 and instead of 40
steel it’s gonna take you 20 so that’s
pretty much cut the cost down the middle
so having one of these in here is
absolutely essential and handy if you
want to bear volts or expensive boxes or
decorations even that require the
artisan table anything expensive do you
put one of those in there and it will
help you tremendously my next step is to
do with the grindstone now this is a
very underrated piece of equipment it
can actually grind a lot of things into
those things you might not expect ake a
spice salt and boom now so for instance
planing mill is using a lot of recipes
all you really do is just drag the bone
in it’s gonna make you bone meal out of
your bones you see one bone is giving us
about four per tick as you can see there
for particulate bone meal per one bone
so you can get lots and lots of bone
meal out that way then if I was to use
stone or you can use crest or body don’t
really recommend using crystal because
it’s very expensive you can get out so
from just grinding spare stones you have
in the base so if you want to make
really good food items or soups then you
have the soap on board and you can
easily get the stone for it and last but
not least if you have things like plants
useless bits of plants you don’t use and
don’t need you can grind up seeds or
plant fiber or any of the random plants
just not lettuce seeds or things like
that or different seeds
I used but you can use these things or
live playing flower I believe right
we’ll also make the spice as well as the
useless bits of plant grind up for spice
then you can make better mirrors to take
to the Arctic or wherever you else will
you would let’s take it that anna is
gonna keep your storage a lot cleaner so
there you go spice my next tip has to do
with if you have really annoying bags
around your base that’s blocking a
crafting station or whatever you can
actually move these bags instead of
having to pick it up if you build
yourself something like a bit of
foundation you can literally just push
the bag away you can toss it away with
this bear foundation it works on any
surface or whatever as long as you have
a building peace or a decoration piece
you can flick bags wherever you like and
move them around to get them out the way
my next tip is about bear afros now bear
referrals are very underrated rules
indeed you can actually get so I think
really useful out of them if you go and
hunt them around the map this is a very
common spot I find one pretty much every
single time desert watch is a good spot
you can get them all over the map the
berries are absolutely everywhere and
sometimes they will spawn every single
time as well which is really useful both
your to actually get rid of the barrier
they will drop something called a supply
materials now this is really handy
because you can pick up a bunch of these
and they give you a random supply so if
you are to use the box you can see is
just giving me 250 Tarr and 250 Highland
berry bush seeds but they can give you a
range of pretty much anything so I’ll
give you a quick example of what they
can actually give you now I’ve brought
in a bunch of supply material so you can
have a look and an idea of what happens
when you open a bunch of these my first
one is 500 binds my next one is 250 iron
bars and 750 berry seeds my next one is
a thousand berry seeds and some more tar
my next one is 500 alchemic base my next
one is 500 crystal and more alchemic
I got 500 Alka pick bass again and even
more crystal and then if I’m just to do
this we’ve got word branches here let’s
have a look at this we got even more
wood now we got more crystal about a
thousand just dropped out of that more
berry seeds and bone blood and 50
whether skull and feathers this is
really good these webOS girls by the way
because they can be pretty difficult to
pick up so they’re kinda useful if you
need them for recipes but as you can see
supply crates give a hell of a load of
stuff so they are actually worth farming
out for go and find bearers go and kill
them and go and get yourself a bunch if
you want more locations and where to get
things like this you can always look on
the wiki because they will show you
pinpoint locations bearers might
actually spawn it but this is just an
example of one where they can spawn that
at this place does it watch there’s also
a very number right a constant one at
that then and there is a few in other
places such as the black galleon outside
of that more towards voyages vigil there
is always bearers that spawn there as
well every single time so do farm them
out they will give you a lot of good
stuff my next tip is to do with
brimstone now brimstone can be found at
a number of places one of the best spots
is in these shattered Springs which is
over here view under some reference all
the way on the western side now if you
actually want to farm here you need to
learn the sandstorm mast this will stop
the gas affecting you but however this
is at level 30 so this is quite a ways
off but if you want to come here quicker
or have gas protection quicker than
level 30 if you’re early on all you need
to do is make my friend here the altar
of set now the ultra of set can make you
a set type mass on t2 made with a few
human hearts plant fiber and like helmet
padding it works exactly like the
sandstorm mask and will protect you from
that very naughty gas over that there
might be really annoying you can get it
a whole 10 levels earlier than the
actual sandstorm mask as well as you can
get those snake hair is in as well while
you’re here too
do this kind of things say there’s a
really ideal piece to be able to get
early on and used to be able to craft
brimstone stuff and etc that and snake
hair is a great end game already so
having a tea to alter to set it’s a
really good idea in general and just to
give you an example we will wear it say
I’m gonna go into the gas area now this
little hat on they have obtained a lot
earlier than before and as you can see
it works as a sandstorm mask and I’m not
being affected at all of course this is
useful as well to get out of sand stop
so view in areas with sandstorms in the
way then of course you just have this
mask and it’s absolutely wonderful just
to have that now my next tip is going to
be a much more difficult one to actually
take on but if you can get it down and
around it is an absolutely great way to
level up or get those pesky levels in
doing this method in the game actually
still works so is a handy thing to do
and it’s a handy thing to do early on if
you want levels like mad however to get
this to work you actually need something
very pesky aka fragment of power so you
may have to go to the undead City
you can either kill a boss or early on
you can climb up to places like this
I grab yourself one of these tiny tiny
tiny little crates they will give you
one fragment of power each all you need
is one the location I’m at now is right
here if you wanted to know where the
fragment of power I just picked up and
I’m gonna show you a few more before I
show you why you need these another
place you can get a fragment of power
box is right on top of this square right
here just above the albino bat so one
can spawn right up on top of there which
is a good one to get early on so this is
right here on the map near the aviary
another spot could be right up here in
this corner right here as you can see
it’s right on top of a very tall
building but it can spawn literally
right there as small as it will be now
this area is right here on the map just
above the Citadel of the triumph II and
we on to our next location literally
right on this slab here can also spawn a
box it’s one of the most easiest places
to get one so if you’re lucky it will it
will support on this box area right here
and this is right here on the map and
it’s quite easy to find because it’s got
a big archway so right on that tile
right there you can find one or say our
next task is to come down to the map
room where you will learn the feats of
weapon oils and map room stuff but we’re
not here to learn that today we are
literally just going to go to the right
of the ghostly man click e on the
bookcase and what it’s going to give us
is a recipe feat for the decoration
skull and this is what we are looking
for find this area on the map you
literally have to go from the top of the
archives and down into this place right
here so start here and then come down
now what this is going to enable you to
do if you get yourself an artisans table
is to craft the decorative metal skull
now this is classed as a high kind of
tier building piece so it’s gonna give
us a lot of experience back so you need
a fragment of power and you need a
hardened steel bar if you’re struggling
to get hardened steel bar you can pretty
much get it from killing some Nord
homers or looting some boxes in set City
just keep loading them until you end up
having some of these bars on you that
can be quite handy and then you can get
yourself a metal skull built and then
pretty much you build the metal skull
you have it and the great thing is with
this is you just can break it again and
again and again so I’m gonna dismantle
it it’s gonna give me that exact
ingredient right back again I put it in
here craft it really quickly up again
and then I’m gonna repeat the process
over and over and over and over and over
again now it can’t be a very annoying
process to do but it will give you the
XP in the levels you’re looking for one
craft plus destroy will give you up to
12 K experience per one of these skulls
being crafted and then destroyed and of
course it’s just easy way to grind XP if
you were having trouble with it because
you can just keep bringing them in
now and just keep going for it it’s a
really good way early on to get those
levels it might take you some time but
it is still working and there you go it
will get you some XP to give you an
example and experience game this is the
equivalent of killing a gorilla over and
over and over again but without the
healing potions etc so it’s gonna give
you the amount of XP a gorilla would
give you every time you craft one of
these and then you just keep doing it so
that’s a pretty good experience if I do
say so myself it’s quite a cheesy little
way to get it as well of course you can
also do this traditional methods of just
crafting really high materials or
crafting reinforcements and things like
that will give you a good experience but
this is a cheesy way to do it and it’s
just constant play you can do and get
experience so if you liked the video
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