The Top 5 Best Weapons in Code Vein!

Today we’re gonna be discussing each
and every weapon type in the game on my
overall opinion of worst to best
naturally you might order them
differently yourself and there’s
absolutely no shame in being wrong guys
no not all let’s start by breaking down
the core components of the 5 weapon
types one by one going through them in
no particular order and then at the end
I’ll give you my worst to best list
let’s jump in first with the halberd
type so if we just want to jump straight
into the meetin Bowens of it the halberd
has an really good move set
we’re talking about a free 60 spin or
even when I eat worst-case scenario
a we attack associated with most of your
attacks and really good range on that as
well so the core moves that you have
with this weapon is really really strong
and good for dealing with big groups of
enemies and attacking a bunch of enemies
at once which is what you’re doing in
like 80% of the game you know where you
got bunch of enemies running at you but
every now and then you will have like
let’s say some big warrior come at you
some big monster or you just have a boss
fight where you’re facing off against
one target it’s still a strong weapon
there because it’s really really great
speed really good movement but the
abilities that come with it that you
might pull from Louis’s code to have an
iframe jump forward double slash or the
Queen Slayer code where you have
basically an H strike combo that’s
really really quick and if you combine
this with the basics of two light
attacks which is basically a double hit
than a triple hit of a 360 spin all
around you great AoE ability right and
then follow that with a quick light
heavy you know not a charged one but a
quick one and being on the how that
you’ve got in the case of me I’m using
this garnet one so it’s kind of a AoE
slash with a sort of red I don’t have to
describe it it’s like a like a blood
airstrike it looks cool
does a lot of damage and it might
stagger now I just on this big combo
it’s AoE it’s cleaned up the room and
maybe at the end of it that staggered
the big bad enemy or even the boss well
then that’s when you combine it with the
abilities if you’re insane and it’s the
perfect example you know the perfect
case you’re able to pull out that
Queen Slayer a strike combo at the end
of this big combo you’ve just done and
you’re essentially just hitting the
enemy for like 15 seconds straight doing
insane damage and staggering it but
that’s a really really specific rare
case right you don’t have a high stager
value on a weapon like the halberd you
know like I say it is kind of a mid
class weapon it’s lighter than a great
sword and a hammer and heavier than a
one out of the sword or the bayonet but
it doesn’t have a huge stagger value and
the attacks are quite slow and they CC
you you know you take some time to
perform so yeah great a we great combos
but it leaves you really vulnerable
pretty much all the time and if you use
these combos or attacks at the wrong
time you’re in for a lot of damage
coming your way but because of the
nature of this you know these insane
combos the high damage the 360 yes it’s
EC’s you but a good player a good
halberd user will absolutely clean
through packs of enemies and if you’re
thinking about maybe farming a bunch of
haze to you know kill a bunch of enemies
how good might be actually the the ideal
weapon of choice if you’re good at using
it it’s kind of like a jack of all
trades but master of not well okay its
jack of all trades master of none
except a wii because it’s the master of
AOE you’re fast you’re agile you do a
lot of damage you’ve got big combos
you’ve got that big AoE you know every
now and then you can hit staggers and it
has really versatile and very strong
special ability
so in this footage you’ll see me pull
out some massive combos do some big
damage but you might also be seeing me
get hit me get staggered me take big
chunks of damage out of all the weapon
I think the halberd is actually the most
vulnerable you might think well what
about the hammer or the 200 sword you
know they you hit and then you’re very
slow well with a big weapon like that
you’re able to block you’re able to
stagger the enemy and stun it meanwhile
with the halberd you’re kind of stuck in
your animations for a really long time
with that low stagger value without a
strong block so it’s definitely a
versatile weapon with lots of options
and very strong in a good player’s hand
a confident halberd
uses hands lots to say there though
let’s move on to the next weapon of
choice the weapon type it’s the great
sword this thing has in same damage and
stagger values you’re able to smash the
opponent with your giant sword and then
it does you know ridiculous damage but
because it’s such a big weapon it
staggers them a huge amount of time I’m
talking it staggers bosses and big mini
bosses as well if you combine that with
the insanely strong abilities that bring
out your attacks very quickly like the
triple strike ability you’re able to not
only pull out massive and I mean
literally the biggest damage numbers
I’ve seen in the game long CC’ing combos
which work really well against every
enemy in the game not to mention it’s
got great range on all the attacks as
its you know it’s a big sword it’s a
great sort the drawback of the great
sword is definitely the builds that come
with it you can either choose a really
high damaging build let’s say you’re
running Dark Knight with the passive
stats that it has you know you’re gonna
do loads of damage and that’s actually
the build of choice from me when I’m
using the great sword you do stupid
damage but your ical is actually pretty
low in these builds you know you’re not
able to spam out abilities as much as
you want so making use of passives that
increase your drain rating finding
windows to do your blood Vale attacks to
drain I core and be able to cast more
spells you should be absolutely playing
around your special gift combo abilities
with a weapon like this if you do well
then you’ve probably got the highest
damage build late-game you know the
great sword top of the top for damage
I’ve got a clip here that you might have
already seen while I’m talking where I
do a unbelievable burst of damage for
about 15,000 comboing up to 30,000 on
one boss fight and the boss can’t even
fight back it’s ridiculous now obviously
saying a bunch of good stuff right the
weapon also has a bunch of different
visuals you know a bunch of boss weapons
big great swords and special ones you
can find around the world they’ve got
great visuals you know they’re very cool
it’s a big sword you can do a lot with
that design but it’s not a perfect thing
it’s not the best build full-stop by
default it’s very heavy you know you’re
holding a giant sword and so bills that
do high damage
our going to unfortunately mean you can
barely carry anything the armor that
you’re gonna be wearing is essentially
non-existent and a lightest you can find
I actually couldn’t run the Dark Knight
build those do you know the insane
damage without putting alleviate on my
great sword because without that I
couldn’t carry everything I couldn’t
roll or I couldn’t play because my armor
was too heavy of every armor type that I
could find in the game even the lightest
so I put alleviate on my great sword and
what that does is reduce the damage it
does ever so slightly to reduce the
weight of the sword and then I could get
away with it now if you don’t want to do
something like that it’s still the most
damage when you do that by the way if
you don’t do something like that well
then you can run a different type like
the Atlas type that you get from yacumo
which has a 250 weight cap which is
ridiculous much more tanky but there’s a
lot less damage c.b.c seeing blocking
and fighting in that kind of style but
you won’t be doing anywhere near as much
damage let’s move on to a slightly
smaller sword the one-handed sword this
is actually the first type that I fell
in love with and I would probably say
that I played about 60 maybe 70 percent
of my first playthrough with a
one-handed sword even though I did swap
a reasonable amount I always went back
to the sword before I went to the next
bill it’s super agile and probably the
safest you can pick out of all the
weapons to play with you know when you
for our attacks you’re able to roll out
cancel attacks whenever you want so
whenever you’re in a bad situation
you’re not really stuck in an animation
let’s say you know with a halibut of the
great sword you do these big slams you
do these big 360 swings and during that
time you’ve got no control of your
character with the 100 sword
pretty much any of the attacks even the
heavy charged ones are so quick that
you’re able to get out of a sticky
situation at the drop of a hat you know
you’re safe
and what’s great about the one-handed
sword is that it’s so varied in its
builds you could do a dodge parry build
you could do a caster build you could do
a buff build when you buff up your
weapon and hit the enemy so many times
that you get the proc of the buff so
much that the damage you do is insane
because this has some of the most strike
combos of every weapon type even
more than the helmet combine that with
the really flashy combo 100 sword
abilities you’ve got something that just
looks awesome you’re teleporting around
you’re zipping around you’re blasting
around every fight you’re in total
control you character because you can
jump out any time since the attacks are
so short if you want to have one of the
highest damage early game builds you
want to go one handed sword you want to
focus on going a quality build and
getting a weapon that scales equally
with both strength and Dex in this case
you want to go Prometheus which is what
you get from Lewis right the beginner
game it has exactly what we’re talking
about equal scaling and strength and dex
and then a weapon that’s perfect for it
equal strengthens dex scaling is Louis’s
weapon which you can get the start of
the game which I made a video about how
to do that and very quickly you suddenly
have an unbelievably strong early game
build all thanks to the one-handed sword
it’s easy to use you got big variety in
builds because caster buff Cabos or
whatever is you’re trying to play super
flashy visuals cuz the weapon I’m a big
fan of the one-handed sword in Co vain
let’s move on to the hammer which is
super comparable to the great sword
because just like the great sword it has
insane high damage high stagger values
so you’re able to bonk those enemies and
do big damage ridiculous damage and
stagger them so you can just keep
bonking them before they can even react
because they’re just stunned it’s super
strong with gifts for sak combos just
like the great sword you hit a couple
lights then you throw out a special
attack combo the chain CC staggering
continues letting you do more attacks
and pretty much nothing will survive the
ridiculous combos you can pull out
really quickly with these the move set
is definitely a lot less versatile than
the great sword in this comparison it’s
basically you bonk enemies by slamming
the weapon down on them you know use it
as a hammer right or do some wide swings
and that’s kind of about it it’s not
really varied in the Moose’s but if
you’re there for some bonk gameplay the
damage and stagger value is really good
it’s a really strong build for gameplay
but it is a bit repair and easy and
straightforward and cold vain that the
hammers can actually have a visual of a
hammer right yes obviously or an axe one
of the first boss weapons that drops in
the game is actually a hammer that’s
just an axe visually but functions
completely the same as any other hammer
just like the gray side it’s definite
easy and straightforward to use very
strong but personally I just haven’t
found as much satisfaction with the
visuals of the hammer or the gameplay
compares of the great sword and well
they are super comparable and finally
it’s the bayonet which you can run as a
caster cuz it scales quite well with
those stats or as the shooter type that
actually uses the gun as a primary
source of damage I would actually
recommend running a bayonet as a shooter
rather than a caster because it’s got
unique abilities on the different types
of guns you know you got your shotgun
you got your single-shot snipe or you
got your five shot spread like the
bayonets you get the style the game
which penetrate as well for good AoE
damage so it’s kind of a waste to just
use your bayonet for basic attacks when
you could be using that gun this weapon
is absolutely a hundred percent single
target orientated it has a very basic
moveset with the light combos and when
you use the heavy attack well there
isn’t really a heavy attack unless you
combo it it just shoots the gun so
depending on the type of gun that you’ve
got whether it’s the shotgun blast or
the snipe or the five shot spread will
depend on how you use it five shot
spread is pretty much an a we ability
and the snipe is obviously single target
blast for high damage given the nature
of the bayonet I found myself enjoying
and preferring running of a sniper type
the most which is what you’re seeing in
this gameplay because you can absolutely
blast enemies if you have the ranged
impact buff active at the same time the
movement set like I say is pretty simple
with the bayonet you know not much range
on it pretty quick very light kind of
like the one-handed sword but not as
interesting not as varied so that super
or repair of honest and single shot
firing your gun with a cost that’s also
repaired but it does have a really
unique gameplay aspect you know no other
weapon plays like this thing since it’s
light and fast and pretty much decks
orientated you’ve got some really super
flashy abilities like the special I’m
gonna mispronounce this the fullest aid
Rondo which is the thing you get from
Mia that she does we you this purple
like four shots in a row and you get all
flashy like whipping your arms around
it’s ridiculous is so anime it looks
great it’s really fun to use does high
damage you know it’s a really cool us
take the bayonet and it’s got this vibe
that’s kind of
it’s just satisfying and fun you won’t
get this kind of gameplay with any of
the other weapons
okay so there’s some information a big
aim play on each weapon and how I feel
about it
now let’s rank them you might be able to
guess what’s gonna be the bomber list at
number five for me it’s unfortunately
the hammer type about the most
interesting aspect of this weapon in
curved vane is the fact that it can also
be an axe passerby is really high damage
really high stagger value but so is the
great sword and the great sword kind of
does it better due to the fact that it’s
more versatile and you can face
different scenarios in different ways
because of the different moveset whereas
with the hammer
you’re kind of just bonking the enemy
and that’s it there’s nothing wrong with
that but for me it’s really too simple
and the visuals were kind of lacking
covin you can do some awesome things
with the giant hammer in terms of a
stack a design and they seem to just
kind of not really do anything with the
hammers and co vain for some reason just
gave it a couple of axes and said you
know hey that’s good enough number four
from me is a mix up it could easily be
number three they feel kind of
interchangeable to me this one number
four is the halberd like I said it’s
such a good move set such big combos
such good AoE but the drawback and why
it’s number four for me is how long it
really C sees you you’re just so
vulnerable when you’re using this thing
if you attack at the wrong time you’re
gonna be stuck spinning around and
you’re gonna get hit not to mention
because it’s quite a heavy weapon
compared to the one-handed sword of
being there you can’t really make use of
different armor types you kind of stuck
to a few select ones and you’re gonna
take more damage because you’re using a
lighter type but how bad absolutely
takes a specific type of player and
playstyle and perhaps that’s just not
for me moving along to number three it’s
the bayonet which is like I say could
have been quite interchangeable with
halberd but the bayonet comes up just
ahead because of its super unique
gameplay style I’ve never played a game
like this especially in a souls like
where I’m playing with a gun and like
playing kind of Ranger you know you look
at blood-borne and the guns in that yes
there were some small aspects of the
play we’re using the gun for damage but
primarily no not all the flashy
abilities the melee and ranged hybrid
gameplay it just makes for a really cool
vibe and a steak something that I just
really appreciate but because it’s
pretty you know one-sided and repave
that’s why it’s my number three number
two has gotta be the one-handed sword
and that could have been number one so
close like I said this is the weapon
that I used most of my play for in my
first play for so are jail you know
there’s so many different ways to play
with a quality build the balance build
the caster build whatever is you’re
doing with this weapon it’s always
flashy and satisfying and very safe to
use not to mention like I said before
this weapon has some of the coolest
looking weapons in the game and so many
different types and visuals and you can
get them so early as well you know you
can get some really cool one at 100
swords really early in the game super
versatile with single tag attacks or AoE
with wide horizontal swings and it’s my
primary weapon for a spellcaster for a
reason it’s great for terrain attacks
it’s great for buffing up and I get to
see all those flashy spells when I use
this weapon so it’s got to be my number
two but it just barely lost out to the
great sword which I picked up towards
the end of my playthrough like the last
20% my god the damage of this thing I
found the whopped blade towards the end
of the play for it’s like this jagged
great sword and I didn’t look back man
as soon as decide using it the damage
stagger the versatile move set the
weapon with the a.we strikes the big
slams and then a certain bosses boss
weapon that gives it this ridiculous
visual as well with the purple blade on
the end oh god it’s just it’s good to be
using a great sword sometimes you need
to pretend your guts from berserk and
when I’m using a great sword in code
vein I just feel absolutely unstoppable
with a big combos and frankly the broken
damage that you can pull off with this
thing I wonder what the speedrunners are
gonna use but I think they might use the
great sword and best of all man this
thing is easy to use so anyone could
pick up a great sword and do work and
there you have it now you might disagree
with some of the orderings of this list
so I’d be happy to hear how would you
order these weapons what’s the
best in your eyes or maybe I even got it
bang-on let me know in the comments for
the end of the video though we’ve got
something a bit different a bit special
the folks behind Kelvin and Bandai Namco
were actually kind enough to send rage a
special gift to open so let’s check that
hello there it’s me just want to say a
quick massive thank you to Bandai for
this ridiculously awesome treasure trove
of treasure Lee treasures all of the
code vein goodies and it’s just
fantastic you got the little blip bead a
little bit of info on all the characters
on some lovely cards you could even grow
your own blood tree have you ever wanted
your own blood tree well now would you
well you con I’m gonna grow the blood
tree so honest you shouldn’t get excited
really feel bad now either way this is
really neat guys have been enjoying the
code vein content and it’s just it’s so
much fun oh but yeah thank you it to
Bandai and well back to you holo that’s
right it’s back to me so I can say
goodbye so goodbye

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