The April Fools event in Roblox Doors takes place on April 1-7, 2023 on all public servers, and it will also be available on private servers after April 7. This event adds a new Super Hard Mode to the game, which significantly ramps up the difficulty level of the game. Our guide will help you beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors.

How to Beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors

Once you choose the Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors, you’ll start the game as usual, but this time you’ll encounter five new hostile entities in addition to the old ones. The goal remains the same: open all the rooms in the Hotel from Door 001 to Door 100.

All New Entities in Super Hard Mode

The new mode adds five new hostile entities that you’ll need to deal with, including:

    • Jeff the Killer
  • Subspace Tripmine
  • Greed
  • Evil Key
  • Banana Peel

How to beat Jeff the Killer

  • Jeff the Killer appears randomly in any of the rooms in the Hotel.
  • Once you see him, he’ll follow you, so it’s recommended to beat him on spot.
  • If you touch him, he’ll stab you with his big knife for 60 points of damage, so keep your distance.
  • Jeff the Killer can be easily killed with the Holy Hand Grenade, but once you throw it, you should run away, or it will hit you for 90 damage.
  • If you manage to lure Jeff into the Library, then he’ll die instantly, which is the safest way to beat this entity.

How to beat Subspace Tripmine

    • Subspace Tripmine replaces the Dupe entity in the Hotel during the Super Hard Mode event.
  • This entity can be encountered only in rooms with two or more numbers on the doors and typically rooms of large sizes.
  • Just like Dupe, it spawns fake doors inside rooms, and once opened, this entity will deal damage to you.
  • Subspace Tripmine hits for 190 points of damage, which requires you to be at full 200 HP to survive this entity’s attack.
  • You can detect the fake door by the following signs: humming sound, no rain sound audible, guiding lights are dimmer than usual.
  • Subspace Tripmine can be killed with Cricifix or Holy Hand Grenade by throwing it at the fake door.

How to beat Greed

    • Greed is a strange entity that appears on your screen once you collect at least three piles of gold in a single room.
  • If you keep collecting more gold without waiting for at least 15 seconds between looting, then it will keep growing.
  • It can literally fill up your entire screen, preventing you from continuing to play Roblox Doors.
  • The only way to stop Greed from growing is to wait before looting more gold.

How to beat Evil Key

  • The Evil Key replaces The Key entity in Super Hard Mode.
  • You can find The Evil Key in the Reception area of the Hotel.
  • You can distinguish The Evil Key from the normal one by the label, which carries the sign “002” instead of “001”.
  • Do not interact with The Evil Key by any means, or it will instantly kill you.
  • To beat The Key, find the actual true key, which is located hanging on a side of the shelf, which can be seen in the left corner of the Reception area.

How to beat Banana Peel

    • Banana Peel can be encountered in any room of the Hotel on the floor.
  • You simply need to avoid it to move on freely.
  • If you step on the Banana Peel, you’ll fall and receive 10 points of damage.

All Other Entities in Super Hard Mode

In addition to the new entities, you’ll also encounter the old ones that haven’t been replaced. Follow these tips if you’re completely new to the game:

    • Rush – This entity will randomly appear in any of the rooms in the Hotel. Its presence is signaled by a rushing sound. Once you hear it coming, enter any room, and close the door. Once Rush hits the closed door, it will leave.
    • Seek – This entity will appear right before and right after Door 050. The strategy is the same as with Rush: you simply need to run inside a room and close the door behind. It will hit the door three times and then leave you alone.
    • Ambush – Ambush typically appears in the second half of the game, moving through the Hotel and killing everything in its way. The best way to stop Ambush is to use Crucifix, or you could simply hide in the basement.
    • Figure – This blind entity can be encountered in The Library or The Electrical Room. You should not try to kill it, but instead simply crouch or walk really slow around it, so it can’t hear you.
    • Halt – Whenever players decide to enter a new room, messages like “Turn Around” or “Run Away” may appear on the screen. This means that you should avoid this door, as there is Halt behind it.
    • Eyes – This entity may appear at any moment, and it looks like a pile of eyes. The only way to avoid it is to turn around, meaning not to look at it, and enter the next room.
    • Screech – If you don’t have a source of light, then you’ll encounter this dark entity. All you need to do here is to either find or purchase a flashlight, candle, or lighter.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.