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Can you believe next week is the Game Developers Conference? We sure can’t. We’re already sweating while looking over our schedules. Still, we have one blissful weekend ahead to rest.

But before Google announces whatever it’s been teasing at one of the biggest games industry gatherings of the year, let’s direct our attention to the impossible; the games we wish were real. So that’s this week’s community question: What’s your dream game? Tell us about it in the comments!

I’m still waiting for the game that makes me feel like Admiral Adama in Battlestar Galactica. I want a game where I command a capital starship, launch starfighters, send away teams, and recruit crew members. I’ve played games that hit some of the elements: Star Trek: Bridge Commander, FTL, Rebel Galaxy, heck, Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. But none of them have been the total package. They’re always just a bit too action-oriented versus simulation-oriented, or they’re too dry, or they don’t have starfighters. Ultimately, I’m not entirely sure how this game would play out, but I’m hoping a developer figures it out. Heck, maybe I’ll make it myself someday.

I’ve been here before and my answers remain the same. Give Yasumi Matsuno the money and staff to make a proper update and sequel for Final Fantasy Tactics. And Microsoft, why are you sitting on Phantom Dust and not doing anything? An action-oriented collectible card game sounds like good money in this esports and online competitive environment. Pay a really good Japanese artist to give it a great aesthetic, make it free-to-play, and call it a day. It’s money in the bank!

I love a good shooter, especially one that I can play for an infinite amount of time, in theory. However, I’m tired of the boring real-world landscapes of The Division 2 and the so-so science-fiction of Destiny and Anthem (in Anthem’s case, those forests are so boring!).

I want something that has personality, feels cool, and probably has a sick trip-hop soundtrack or something. It’d be slightly grimy, and carry the aesthetic of something similar to Cowboy Bebop. Also, instead of just your character you’d customize, it’d be your apartment or home too—like in some MMOs. I want the gunplay to feel tight, as it does in Destiny. I’m basically asking for Jet Set Radio meets Animal Crossing meets Cowboy Bebop: the shared world shooter, if that’s even possible. That is my dream game idea.

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