Which Candies Should You Keep For Pokemon Go Gen 4?

When the second generation of Pokémon landed in Pokémon GO, it was a nice bonus to be able to get evolving straight away. Pokémon such as Crobat, Espeon, Umbreon and Blissey were possible to acquire from the get go, if you’d earned and saved enough Candies. This was also true when Gen 3 arrived. This Pokemon Go Guide details the candies you should keep for the future.

If you’re simply not that interested in what candies you should stock up for Generation 4, head over to our Pokemon Go Guide Hub. It’s full of useful advice to improve your Pokemon catching experience.

Across Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3, there are quite a few Pokémon that will be seeing evolutions introduced in the future. To help speed along the completion of your Pokédex, and to help prevent you from spending the Candies early for the XP, here’s a list of which Candies you should be holding onto:

Pokemon Go – Keep These Candies

  • Magnemite – Likely 100 Candies, Magnezone, Gen 4
  • Lickitung – Likely 50 Candies, Lickilicky, Gen 4
  • Rhyhorn – Likely 100 Candies, Rhyperior, Gen 4
  • Tangela – Likely 50 Candies, Tangrowth, Gen 4
  • Electabuzz – Likely 50 Candies, Electivire, Gen 4
  • Magmar – Likely 50 Candies, Magmortar, Gen 4
  • Eevee – Likely 25 Candies each, Leafeon/Glaceon, Gen 4
  • Eevee – Likely 25 Candies,Sylveon, Gen 6
  • Togepi – Likely 100 Candies, Togekiss, Gen 4
  • Aipom – Likely 50 Candies, Ambipom, Gen 4
  • Yanma – Likely 50 Candies, Yanmega, Gen 4
  • Murkrow – Likely 50 Candies, Honchkrow, Gen 4
  • Misdreavus – Likely 50 Candies, Mismagius, Gen 4
  • Gligar – Likely 50 Candies, Gliscor, Gen 4
  • Sneasel – Likely 50 Candies, Weavile, Gen 4
  • Swinub – Likely 100 Candies, Mamoswine, Gen 4
  • Porygon – Likely 100 Candies, Porygon Z, Gen 4
  • Roselia – Likely 50 Candies, Roserade, Gen 4
  • Ralts – Likely 50 Candies, Kirlia, Gen 4
  • Duskull – Likely 25 Candies, Dusklops, Gen 4
  • Nosepass – Likely 100 Candies, Probopass, Gen 4
  • Snorunt – Likely 50 Candies, Snorunt, Gen 4

Pokemon Go Generation 4 and Beyond

As new generations are added to Pokémon GO, there will be more Pokémon you’ll want to save in order to give yourself the leading edge in the future. For example, now that Gen 3 has launched, you’ll be wanting to set aside Candies for Roselia, Ralts, Nosepass, Duskull and Snorunt, ready for Gen 4.

In the far flung future, when Gen 7 is available, there will be alternate versions of Gen 1 Pokémon to catch and evolve. While they won’t contribute to your Pokédex, having Candies for Rattata, Exeggcute, Geodude and several other Pokémon with Alolan variants will at least satiate your completionist urges. Happy hunting!

Struggling to gain the candy necessary for these future evolutions? Why not take a look at our Stardust and Candy guide, which may just give you the useful boost you need. If you’re wondering about which Candies you should be spending instead, take a look at our guide on the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon GO. That way, you’ll know you’re not wasting valuable candies that could be used for boosting XP!

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