Xbox Game Pass Will Come to « Every Device » According to Phil Spencer

Microsoft is one of the biggest players in the video game subscription service space thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, but the plan won’t just stop at consoles. Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants Game Pass to come to « every device » including PC and mobile.

While we’ve known for some time that Xbox Game Pass is planned for PC, Spencer instead detailed at a speaking event in San Francisco how Game Pass on mobile could help Xbox reach billions of gamers around the world, rather than just millions.

As reported by GameSpot Spencer told the crowd at a Barclays conference, « When you think about reaching a customer with this content where their only computer device could be an Android phone, you think about, ‘what are all the ways that person pays for content today’? So we need to make sure that we’re world-class at free-to-play content, but we also look at subscription as a much lower barrier way for a customer to build a library of content, » Spencer said.

Xbox Game Pass will fill that library, first to PC then « every device. » Microsoft is also exploring streaming content thanks to initiatives like Project xCloud which is currently being tested now and could help get the Game Pass Library on mobile. Though Spencer recently told press that streaming will not replace traditional owned media for a long time, and that streaming is meant for situations where it is more beneficial to stream a game or content.

Xbox Game Pass lets players have access to a library of Xbox One content for $9.99 a month. This includes third-party games but what’s really impressive is how new first-party releases like Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves are available on the same day on Game Pass as they launch on retail. This subscription model is also used by EA for EA’s Origin Premier service.

And with Xbox purchasing a slew of new studios like Ninja Theory, Obsidian, inXile, and more the first-party offerings are expected to grow even bigger. Xbox is clearly laying down the groundwork for its future after a slow start this generation with the Xbox One.

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